How much does international car shipping cost?

When moving to the other side of the globe, you will want to think well about what you are taking with you. The more items you take, the more you will end up paying. The car is a controversial item that many people don’t know what to do with. It might seem easier to not have a car for some time in the new country than going through all the fuss of shipping a car. But if you have some national shipping company of Saudi Arabia by your side, it will for sure be easier. But before you embark on this journey, we will answer the question of how much does international car shipping cost.

How can you ship your car internationally?

Not many people decide to use freight forwarders in Riyadh for shipping their cars, but there are many ways to do this. The majority gets discouraged to do this, and decide to sell their car instead. But once you learn about it, you will see how easy it is. Some of the ways to ship your car are:

  • Car Shipping Containers – since shipping takes a long time, you will want to have your car protected from outside factors. It is the more expensive option since you will get peace of mind, but there are ways to cut down the costs. If you decide to ship your car in the same container as others, it will turn out cheaper.
  • The RORO method – this method is the most cost-effective, but it might cause damage to your car. Since there is no protection apart from securing straps, your car will be affected by the elements. Since the carrier will be traveling by sea, your car will be exposed to seawater. We all know how sea water does to metal, so you should think twice about choosing this method.
Picture of a ship
The cost discourages many people

How much does international car shipping cost?

The price is the main thing that discourages people to ship their car, but sometimes it is better to do it. If you have invested a fortune in your vehicle, it will be difficult to sell it. It will take the time that you might not have before your move with some international movers and packers in Riyadh. The average cost that you can expect to pay for this service is from $1000 to $5000. But like with everything, some factors impact this. Some of the things that will affect how much does international car shipping cost are listed below.

Distance between the ports

While it might seem logical to ship from a port that is as close to your destination, it is not the best choice. Popular, big ports have more transit and cargo transportation Saudi Arabia, so you will get your car shipped for a significantly lower price. But logically, the bigger the distance between point A and point B, the more you can expect to pay.

Your vehicle

Another logical reason that will impact the cost is the vehicle itself. A heavy vehicle will be more expensive to ship than a small city car. The condition of the vehicle will also be impactful, same as its size.

Picture of two cars
When wondering how much does international car shipping cost, you need to keep the distance and vehicle type on your mind

Conclusion on how much does international car shipping cost

When wondering how much does international car shipping cost, think about the price of your car. If it is far lower than the price of your car, you shouldn’t think twice. When you sell things in a hurry and under moving stress, you are more prone to making mistakes. If you invested a little in your vehicle, it might be better to sell it. The decision is up to you after all.

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