How much does it take to move overseas?

When you relocate to a new place you find yourself in a new world. You have to adjust to new surroundings, new community, new lifestyle…This is even more emphasized if you’re moving to another country. Quite literally, you can find a whole new world if you move across the globe with the help of Four Winds Saudi Arabia. However, it will up to you to adapt to a new culture, get used to new social practices, maybe even learn a new language. For starters, we can help you with the question of how much does it take to move overseas? 

Moving overseas is a giant leap into the unknown

Moving across the world is not just a big step in one’s life – it’s a huge leap into the unknown. It can invite a myriad of emotions, concerns, and questions into your life. And one of the most FAQ that comes to mind is “How much does it take to move overseas?”

Dollars and word taxes
Most countries have duty-free policies when it comes to importing household goods used for personal needs.

If moving across the country is so expensive, then moving across the world must be exceptionally costly. We have to say it is true, usually, international moving can easily exceed $10,000 for faraway overseas relocations.

  • On the other hand, the cost of moving to another country, whatever the distance, depends on a great number of factors. We recommend that you take them all into account to be able to make a realistic moving budget.
  • Here is everything you need to know when calculating how much does it take to move overseas:

1. How much does it take to move household goods overseas?

The key expenses of moving overseas consist of several significant costs to consider when moving internationally. The biggest expense you’ll have when moving overseas is the cost of container shipping from the UK to Saudi Arabia. International shipping costs are calculated based on:

  • Firstly, the bulk or weight of the items.
  • Secondly, type and number of moving services you requested,
  • The type of transport used,
  • Next, what is your relocation distance?
  • How much does it take to move overseas via your preferred relocation route,
  • And, finally, the time of year when the movie takes place.
Dollars, notepad and a calculator for how much does it take to move overseas?
Customs charges and fees usually equal to about 1.8% of an item’s purchased value.

How much does it take to move overseas: Additional moving services

Note that, most of the time, professional packing and unpacking come at an additional cost. However, you can save some money by packing some of your (non-delicate) household goods yourself. Even though this may not always be an option since some countries require the moving company to vouch for the goods you are shipping. International movers are not responsible for items they haven’t packed which is to ensure that nothing illegal is imported. etc.). Additionally, we wholeheartedly recommend you hire professionals to pack your belongings when moving abroad. That way your goods have a better chance to survive the long journey to your new country intact. Needless to say, high-quality packing supplies are an absolute must.

2. How much does it take to ship your vehicle overseas?

If you want to ship your vehicle to your new destination, you’ll need to set aside a couple of thousand dollars to your international moving budget. Vehicle shipping costs start at around $700 but can go up to $4,000. How much does it take to move your car overseas will depend on:

  • Firstly, what is the size and weight of the vehicle?
  • Secondly, what method did you choose for international car shipping?
  • Thirdly, what is the distance to the destination country?
  • Finally, what are the applicable overseas destination taxes and charges?

3. Moving insurance costs

How much does it take to relocate abroad when it comes to insurance? Most international moving companies will protect you with basic insurance coverage as part of their service. But we highly recommend you pay a little extra for an all-inclusive insurance policy. Moving companies base insurance costs on the value of your goods. It can start at $100 but go up to $1,000 or more (if you have high-value items).

4. How much will it cost to rent storage overseas?

People often need storage when they move internationally. Because you may need to fly to your new country before your company can ship your items. In this scenario, your goods need a place to wait. That is why you need to keep your belongings somewhere safe while settling in your new country.

Storage costs are based on:

  • Firstly, the size of the storage space you need,
  • Secondly, the desired extra features such as climate control, high-end security, and so on, And the storage period.
  • Expect that you will be paying about $300 a month for a storage unit that can fit the contents of a typical 3-bedroom house.

6. How much does it take to move overseas: Visa Fees

You may or may not need a visa when relocating to a new country. But it depends on your destination country. As well as the reason for your move – is it for work, study, retirement, etc. Note that every country has its own unique set of visa requirements. Also, different types of visas come with different fees. You can contact the nearest Foreign Consular Office of the country you’re moving to inquire about visas and their prices well before your move date.

Note that Visas can cost anywhere between $150 and $2500 and you also need to pay this fee each time the visa is renewed.

Airplane at sunset
You can save some money on travel costs by booking your flight well in advance.

Final thoughts:

Keep in mind that property taxes and fees vary from country to country. Make sure you understand all the charges you’ll be responsible for when buying/renting a home in your new country. You may need (or want) to buy new furniture, updated appliances, or purchase various other everyday items for your new home. Unless you’ve shipped every single one of your household items and furnishings to your new country. Just make sure you budget for the cost of furnishings as well.

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