How shipping container shortage affects online shopping

Perhaps you are sitting in front of your computer scrolling down, and you want to order a product. And, suddenly, you are having problems booking shipments online. Or maybe high shipping rates are causing you headaches? You are not the only one who is experiencing such problems. There are multiple reasons for that. Unexpected events such as the pandemic and lockdowns around the world have led to global shipping container shortages. As a result, many shipping and logistics companies face drastic supply chain disruption and increased logistics costs. Shipping container shortage affects online shopping as well. The supply chain disturbance has directly impacted internet retailers who are running out of stock of certain items.

Nowadays, roughly 90 percent of goods are shipped by sea

You may not wonder how certain products arrive into your possession. Well, almost 90 percent of your stuff, such as gadgets and appliances, are carried by sea. Seventy percent of those goods spend some time as containerized cargo. Before container shipping, companies transported goods into boxes that had to be loaded and unloaded manually. This way of transport was time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient. The invention of the first shipping container made a revolution in the trade industry. With container shipping, maritime transport became the core of the world’s trade. All this reduced both shipping costs and time. Thanks to container shipping, now it’s easy to transport goods all over the world. 

Freight containers
Shipping container shortage affects online shopping thus disturbing the supply chain

The advantages of container shipping

Shipping containers definitely changed the world’s trade. They are large steel boxes able to carry heavy goods since they are designed with enough strength to be lugged in massive cranes. With the development of the global supply chain, the use of shipping containers has become widespread. Now, international shipping is smoother, easier and faster. Previously, many companies used a bulk cargo system, which required time-consuming packing and unpacking, and separate loading. All this led to frequent damage of goods. For example, it was almost impossible to transport food internationally. Now we can eat fresh food all year round thanks to the development of container technology. This technology allows refrigerating. Also, without container shipping, you would wait longer for foreign goods to arrive in your country. Container shipping facilitates international trade both online and offline. These are its main advantages:

  • Flexibility
  • Lower costs
  • Rapidity
  • Warehousing
  • Safety

But what happens when there’s a container shipping shortage?

What are the reasons for the container shipping shortage?

Indeed, the pandemic and lockdown have increased the demand for container shipping which led to its shortage. Due to this increase, manufacturers have reported delays in production. All this pushed up shipping prices and disrupted containers’ usual flow. A large number of vessels had interrupted voyages which resulted in congestion at ports. Vessel delays also happened because of the workforce deficit during the pandemic. Also, working from home at first slowed down employees’ efficiency. So, Covid 19 has made a huge impact on container shipping, and sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia was no exception. In this type of circumstances, it’s essential to choose the right company if you plan to move or receive your goods.

Shipping container shortage affects online shopping
Shipping containers provide low-cost and fast transportation with high cargo security. Its shortage affects many industries.

Shipping container shortage affects online shopping as well

The Covid 19 pandemic made the world stand still and completely changed people’s buying behavior. Due to restrictions imposed by national lockdown, customers turned to online purchasing, whether for personal or business needs. Online shoppers started house improvements, buying furniture for both home and their home offices. So, internet retailers came across many problems. Consumer demand made them run out of stock since many shipping containers were delayed and held at ports. That is why the shipping container shortage affects online shopping.  This shortage is a direct result of supply chain congestion. High trade imbalance leads to the death of container capacity. In order to avoid shipping problems, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic, many companies and individuals are in search of a reliable shipping company. Luckily, with Four Winds KSA, container shipping from the UK to Saudi Arabia, has never been easier.

Shipping container shortage affects online shopping: how to cope with that?

Shipping container shortage affects online shopping and may prolong for a while, maybe a year or two. Internet retailers should find a way to deal with this scarcity of containers in order to avoid delays. However, it’s not so easy since they don’t directly influence the number of containers. It’s up to carriers to find a solution to container shortage. What internet retailers can do is to try to predict the amount of work and the shipping costs in advance. What else can help? Besides time, proactiveness is the solution. Here are some examples of how to cope with the shipping container shortage that affects online shopping:

  • Prioritize
  • Plan ahead
  • Use freight forwarding service 
  • Book shipping company on time
  • Communicate regularly with the shipping company
  • Start offering special deals earlier: let consumers know they have to order their holiday gifts earlier, for example.


Limited time offer Provide special offers to customers to avoid late delays

Digitalization and automation is the future of the supply chain

To cut down costs and minimize shipping shortages, many companies shipping companies turned to digitalization and automation. In fact, automation of the supply chain became their top priority. Digitalization helps create a sustainable supply chain long term. With it, the supply chain becomes a complete system – from suppliers, transportation companies to the fulfillment of customers’ demands. 

Shipping container shortage affects online shopping so it’s essential to use freight forwarding services to import and export goods

Shipping container shortage affects online shopping, but a reliable company can help you deal with any difficulty of international trading. Using Four Winds KSA service is a convenient way to import and export your goods.  Our specialty is organizing the entire process, from packing, storage, and shipping. The main advantage is that we choose the most economical, reliable and fastest way. Our freight forwarding companies in Riyadh will help you move your shipment in a smooth, fast, and secure way. We try to find the best possible solution which is both effective and cost-efficient. Call us today and get a free estimate. 

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