How to avoid common mistakes when packing antiques

It is time to pack and move your antiques again. No matter if you are moving or preparing them for shipping, the process stays the same. You still must pack like a pro, create a plan, and find one of the transport companies in Riyadh to help you out. But before shipping your items, you must pack them carefully and today, we will teach you how to do it right. Let us explain how to avoid common mistakes when packing antiques. Let’s take a look.

What to pay attention to if you want to avoid common mistakes when packing antiques

Right from the start, you should make a moving checklist where you will list all the responsibilities you must cover. Here you will include the antique handling process. Consider the following before you begin packing your antiques:

  • Natural oils – Our skin will leave natural oils when cleaning antiques before packing. Ensure you use fine leather gloves, especially when cleaning leather-covered books, paintings, and similar items.
  • Cleaning cloth – You can’t use any cloth to wipe the surface of your antique items. You must use microfiber with mild pressure on it.
  • Chemicals – Stay of any heavy cleaning products while cleaning such items. You must ask a professional and find out which products are good for canvas, books, frames, statues, etc.
  • Refurbishing – Since you are moving your antiques anyway, maybe this is the time to refurbish and restore some of them if needed. Therefore, inspect your collection and consult a local art dealer on how and where to do it. But you probably have your contacts already and this one is just a friendly reminder.
Old books on a shelf
Be careful when cleaning books and paintings. Wear protective gloves at all times.

Can you do it yourself?

To avoid common mistakes when packing antiques firstly you must ask yourself, can you do it alone? Or better question would be – do you have everything needed to cover the whole process. So, check if you have all the packing materials, cleaning products, knowledge, and patience. If you lack any of it, maybe you should let a professional antique packing team cover this one.

Avoid common mistakes when packing antiques for storage as well

If you are packing your items for storage, you still must pack them the same way. You must use sturdier cardboard boxes, higher-quality packing tape, bubble wrap, and labels. And of course, you should rent a storage unit from a serious unit provider such as Four Winds Saudi Arabia shipping and storing company. Just remember to ask for a climate-controlled storage unit that will keep your items intact and in perfect shape.

Transporting can be an issue

Ok, now you know how to avoid common mistakes when packing antiques but can you transport it alone? That would be the biggest mistake of all if you do not know the road ahead and you do not have the proper vehicle and tools for the job. Moreover, if you are moving your cargo to another state or another continent, then you must hire one of the packing and moving companies in Riyadh. Let the moving and shipping professionals help you out with this one and ensure your package reaches the destination safely.

Let movers help you avoid common mistakes when packing antiques
Find a reliable moving and shipping company to transport your antiques safely.

Do not move it yourself at all

In the end, you shouldn’t take any risks and move your items yourself at all. Just enlist one of the packaging companies in Saudi Arabia and schedule a pickup and they will transport your cargo safely and ship it with care. If you have a valuable collection, this would be the best way to do it.

After reading our piece, you will avoid common mistakes when packing antiques for sure. Just remember, your collection is valuable and unique and you shouldn’t take any unnecessary chances. Call your professional movers and let them help you out. Good luck!

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