How to avoid emergency expedited shipments

Emergency expedited shipments could be a lifesaver in some situations. It is a way to ship your cargo in the fastest way possible. And it is good to have that option available. Especially if you are working with experienced freight forwarding companies in Saudi Arabia that will organize it all. And you have a good shipper that is capable of performing emergency expedited shipments. However, it is not so smart to turn this into a habit. It is a costly option and requires different work systematization. That is why you should use it only in case of an emergency. Therefore, read this article and learn how it works, why and how to avoid emergency expedited shipments, and what would be the benefits of doing so.

How it works

After a shipping company receives a call about the emergency shipment, things start to move quickly. They will decide on the quickest route. And, if it’s necessary, they will assemble a crew of two drivers that will be capable of driving in shifts. You will make an arrangement regarding the time and place where you will handover the merchandise. After they pick up the cargo, they will take it straight to the delivery site. Making as less stop as possible along the way.

Yellow truck in a desert
The truck with two drivers will try to deliver your merchandise as fast as possible

This type of shipping is usually conducted within the 24-hour period. If it is possible, of course. And it is most typically used in the medical industry. As a way to get important equipment, aids, medicine or paperwork to critical patients. But of course, other industries use advantages of this type of cargo transportation in Saudi Arabia. Mainly to get the merchandise to their customers in the shortest time possible.

Why avoid emergency expedited shipments

Emergency shipments are usually done in haste. And that is an easy way to make mistakes. From inadequate packaging, incomplete information, and damaged or lost cargo. Plus, it will cost you extra to use this kind of shipping service. Of course, sometimes you can also charge your customers extra for quick delivery. But that is not always the case.

If you are in a situation where you have no other choice. And you are using cold chain logistics services, for example,  you will need to double-check all shipping information. Also, you will need to give yourself enough time to properly prepare your items for shipping. You will need to use quality packaging. Moreover, you will need to make sure that it is packed in a way that will allow it to safely get to its destination.

Not to mention the whole manufacturing process. You will have to organize it differently for this purpose.

How to avoid emergency expedite shipments

Using emergency shipping is sometimes unavoidable. Especially with medical emergencies. So, if you are in pharmaceuticals and clinical trials business you probably have no other choice. But if you are not dealing with life-threatening medical situations there is really no reason to use this type of shipping. If you want to avoid emergency expedite shipments there are several things that you could do. The first and most obvious way to avoid emergency expedited shipments is to stop offering it as an option to your customers. However, that may be a too radical way. And it could badly reflect on your business.

  • Talk to your customers about upcoming orders if you want to avoid emergency expedited shipments
  • Ship larger quantities in larger containers
  • Hire more workforce and invest in additional manufacturing equipment
  • Work with an experienced freight forwarder
Use 40′ shipping containers to transport your goods

Talk to your customers and learn about their plans in advance

The best way to avoid emergency expedited shipments is to know about the upcoming orders in advance. If you are in the manufacturing business, you probably know that customers usually do not understand that you need time to produce their requested products. And even if they do, they are not counting on the fact that there are other customers that are also taking up your manufacturing capacity.

That is why the best way to avoid this situation is to know about their upcoming needs. Instruct your customers to create a business plan for the upcoming year. It doesn’t have to contain 100% precise figures. But it should give you an approximate insight in the orders that will be coming to you during that period. That will help you to organize better and to avoid last-minute shipments.

Ship larger quantities

A good way to avoid emergency expedited shipments is to encourage your customers to order larger quantities. Use 40ft shipping containers, instead of the usual 20ft ones. You could fit up to 300% more products. And it will not cost you as much.

Expand your business to avoid emergency expedited shipments

If you have trouble catching up with your orders, maybe it is time to expand your business. First, think about the available space. Is your manufacturing area large enough to take more equipment and workers? If not, you will have to think about moving your business to more adequate space.

Expand your business. Find a larger space.

Next, you will have to get additional equipment. Manufacturing devices of any kind are very expensive. So, if you don’t want to break your bank buy used ones. Talk to companies in your line of business and see if they willing to sell machines that they are not using.

Of course, new manufacturing equipment wouldn’t do much without an additional workforce. If you can, hire experienced workers that could start immediately. If not, you will probably have to hire someone that will have to go through some type of coaching. And that takes time.

An experienced freight forwarder is crucial

Finally, the best way to avoid emergency expedited shipments is to work with an experienced freight forwarder. A skilled shipping agent could ship your merchandise quickly. Without paying extra for emergency shipping. If you are also tired of dealing with shipping companies, customs, and all that paperwork, that is the best way to go.

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