How to avoid inaccurate moving quotes

Surely, international relocation is a costly task. Few factors will determine your relocation bill. Our experts in international moving offer you their best advice. Get an inside knowledge on how to avoid inaccurate moving quotes. 

Choosing the right moving company will help you avoid inaccurate relocation bill  

To avoid wrong moving quotes, hire a reputable mover. This will ensure your successful relocation for the most part. In particular, you need trusted professionals to assist you with this complex process. A good mover offers you a transparent contract with no hidden costs. Moreover, moving internationally comes with additional responsibilities. Add Saudi customs clearance to the list. There are a number of rules applicable to the logistics of your relocation. If you value your time and belongings, get the best mover by your side. This is the central rule to avoid an inaccurate relocation bill.

Pen and contract
Hiring a good moving company protects you from inaccurate moving quotes

Useful facts about moving quotes  

A  moving estimate gives you an idea of how much your relocation will cost. Your final bill depends on two main factors. That is, the weight of your shipment and the distance of your relocation. Firstly, your movers in Jeddah will give you a written estimate. There are 2 main types of estimates: 

  • Binding – the price quoted in an estimate is the price you are paying. Like so, even if there are unforeseen costs. In this case, the company will send a representative to do an appraisal in person.
  • Non-binding – the cost of your relocation will likely change on the day of your move. Usually, it goes up by 10%. You can get it by phone. To avoid wrong moving quotes, always choose a reputable company.  

There is a red flag to look for at this stage. If the price estimate you are offered is too good to be true, it probably is. Scam movers use low price offers to lure customers. In an attempt to save money, you will consequently end up stressed and broke. Therefore, rather prioritize the safety of your possessions. Stick to reputable movers and avoid misquoted relocation bill.

Actively participate in the process to avoid inaccurate moving quotes

To ensure a smooth relocation, determine your budget first thing. So, calculate all your expenses, including moving services. Prioritize this to avoid misquoted relocation bill. In time decide what logistics services suit you best to ship your things. Thus your mover will provide you with an accurate estimate. However, the final outcome also depends on you. In essence, our best advice is:

  • Create a moving inventory. A list of things you plan on moving has many benefits. It helps your mover to give you quite an accurate estimate. In addition, it keeps you organized when packing and unpacking.
  • Set a date. Relocation prices vary based on the season as well.
  • Get a package of services. This helps you save time and money. Your mover will handle the complexity of your relocation. Combine the right moving services in a package.
Checklist in notebook
If you want to avoid wrong moving quotes, make an inventory list

To summarize, have a detailed inventory list prepared. Your best way to avoid inaccurate moving quotes is to contact a good company. Finally, Saudi Arabia has much to offer. Enjoy exploring it!

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