How to calculate international moving expenses

Properly calculating your international moving costs can be a challenge. If you have never moved overseas, then you probably do not have a clue what are the factors that are determining one international move cost. Of course, like in every type of move, the key factors are concerning the size of your moving inventory. But, when you are moving internationally the distance is important. Also, don’t forget about insurance and storage. However, it is important to know that prices can considerably differ between different moving companies. And if you put some effort into searching affordable and reliable movers in Saudi Arabia. You will find that moving companies in Yanbu are your best choice. Nevertheless, if you want to know how to calculate international moving expenses before hiring a moving company, keep reading.

Things to calculate into your international moving expenses

Many factors will define your moving cost. However, most significant are those that are related to your moving company. Here is what the moving company will ask of you to pay:

  • The size of the moving inventory. It is the number one thing to think about when trying to calculate international moving expenses
  • The distance your movers will have to cross.
  • Some routes are cheaper than others are. Even when the distance is the same
  • Type of transportation you will use
  • Using packing and unpacking services to ease your move
  • Storage
  • Insurance
Measuring tape to help you calculate your international moving cost
Size of your inventory is most important when you are trying to calculate international moving expenses

The size of your moving inventory is the most decisive factor when you are trying to calculate international moving expenses

Of course, the most important job that moving companies do is transporting your items. That is what you are paying them to do. Naturally, that is why the most important factor in determining the cost of your move is the weight and the volume of your moving inventory. Therefore, if you want to try to estimate your moving cost on your own. You will need to know some details concerning your items. However, while you can measure the size of your items, it is practically impossible to know the exact weight.

Luckily, there is an easy way to find out. At least, approximate figures. There are places on the internet where you can find lists with average household item weights. So, all you have to do is to find examples on the list that closely resemble your items. That is how your movers will do it too. However, the true weight of your inventory can only be determined when the moving truck carrying your items, parks on a truck weighing scale.

The distance your movers will have to cross

Another important factor when you are trying to calculate your international moving costs is the distance. Even though, the distance that your movers are required to pass is not even incorporated into a moving price, when local moves are concerned. When you are moving internationally, the distance is a major concern, and it will be included in your final price.

Popular routes are cheaper

Some routes are more common than others are. Therefore, the competition between moving companies is higher on more popular migration paths. That is why relocation to Saudi Arabia from the US west coast is more expensive than moving from the US east coast to Europe, for example. Even though the distances are approximately the same, because of the migration frequency, there are differences in prices.

Plane in the air
If you send your items by air it will cost you

Think about the type of transportation if you want to calculate your international moving expenses

Another important thing to know when you want to calculate your international moving costs is the type of carriage that you are going to use to move your items. The most usual ways to move household items internationally will be by air. However, some people want to cut down their moving costs so much and they are hiring shipping companies that mostly specialize in freight shipping. And using their services for shipping their personal items by sea. Even though, this can significantly lower your moving cost. You will need to find a shipping company that has experience in this type of shipping. Moreover, you will need to prepare to wait for your items to arrive for some time.

Calculate your international moving expenses that include packing and unpacking services

Packing and unpacking services are one of the things that people usually try to save money on. Even though, this might look like a good way to cut the costs. You are entering risky waters. When you are moving internationally, your items will probably travel for a long distance. Also, they will probably jump from a truck to a plain and back several times during that trip. Therefore, there is a big possibility that your boxes will be thrown and tumbled along the way. And, that is why proper packing is very important in this case.

Another important thing that you must not forget is how stressful and complicated packing is. So with hiring professional packing service, you will kill two birds with one stone. Packaging companies in Jeddah will be your best friend in this case. Hire them to pack your items before the move. And, calculate that into your moving cost, as well.

Insurance is also important to calculate into your international moving costs

When moving overseas, you will need to have good insurance. Sometimes, insurance is included in the moving cost. However, sometimes you will need to pay for it separately. Regardless of what is the case, make sure that you have an appropriate type of insurance to cover all possible losses on your side. Even though, this will not be a significant item in your final bill. You still need to count it in your estimate.

Brown storage doors
Sometimes you have to rent a storage

If you have to use storage

Another thing that could surface along the way is the expense of storage. Sometimes it is impossible to coordinate the transit of your items with shipping schedules of different transporters. And in those cases, your items will have to be stored in a warehouse in Saudi Arabia. Alternatively, some other storage, for some time. On the other hand, maybe you are moving to a smaller home. And you will need a storage unit to keep your excess items until you figure out what to do with them. Whatever is the case, keeping your items in storage is going to cost you.

Other costs

Those are your costs. However, thinking only about the obligations you have towards your moving company is not the way to calculate international moving expenses properly. There are also customs duty charges, different taxes, visa fees. And the travel cost that you need to calculate too. And those costs are certainly not insignificant, too.

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