Packaging for Common Carrier shipping

The biggest concern of those who use common carriers is that their items will be damaged, lost, or stolen. Whenever you ship your belongings, there is a risk of that happening. Even if there is no human error – unpredictable events can occur, such as bad road conditions or horrible weather. However, there are some things that you can do to protect your packages. The way you pack them has is a big factor when it comes to the safety of your items, especially if you are moving and want to ship your items. Aside from hiring reputable moving companies in Bahrain, you need to know how to handle carrier shipping. So, in order to learn the proper way of packaging for common carrier shipping, take our advice and have the peace of mind you deserve.

What you should know before packaging for common carrier shipping

The first task you will have when you want to send a shipment via a common carrier is to choose the right logistics company Saudi Arabia. It is crucial that you don’t choose solely based on the price. While you might have a smaller budget, it is better to pay a little extra than to end up being scammed. Furthermore, one of the most important things about carrier shipping you should know is they are not responsible for your items if they believe they weren’t packed properly. While you should definitely opt for insurance offered by the carrier, it won’t be valid in all cases. Unless you’ve packed each shipment carefully and protected it enough, your claim will be rejected.

Calculator and pen writing down how much packaging for common carrier shipping will cost.
You should always opt for insurance when shipping your items.

Aside from theft or loss, you also need to protect your shipment from moisture. Since it will likely be traveling across a long distance, there are many ways in which it can get wet. Most vehicles that carry these shipments have air conditioning, but the item can become wet during loading and unloading as well. To prevent this from happening, and other types of damage, read our instructions and follow them carefully.

Different ways of packing your shipment

Now that we’ve covered what can go wrong during common carrier shipping, let’s take a look at how you can prevent them. It is actually easier than you might think.

Use crates when packaging for common carrier shipping

When you want to ship items that are not very delicate, you have the option of wooden crates. If you have some leftover packing materials from your move, you should check to see if you already have some crates in your home. On the other hand, you can buy crates from a shipping or moving company. Additionally, your local supermarket might have some extra that you can use. Whatever you just, make sure that the crate is strong and won’t break during transport. When you place your items inside, nail down the corners and tie them together. This will ensure that the items inside don’t fall out during transport.

Double boxes are necessary for fragile items

Securing items when packaging for common carrier shipping is even more important for fragile things. These items can damage easily or even break completely if they are not protected enough. For this reason, you should use more than one box to pack them. First of all, wrap the item in packing paper as well as plastic bubbles. Before you place them in the box, fill it up with packing peanuts. Next, fill the second box with the same material and place the first one inside, then tape the box shut. For extra protection, you can wrap the box in shrink wrap, to prevent moisture from getting inside.

Use pallets when you pack heavy machinery

Many businesses ship their items via common carriers. This is a great way to economize, as well as ensure a punctual shipment. However, when you want to ship bulky but expensive items, you need to pack right. You should use pallets for shipping items such as machinery, large electronic devices, household appliances, etc. Do not take them out of their original box. Instead, place the items together on a pallet. If they are overlapping the edge of the pallet, they are too large for it, so you should look for a bigger one. Once they are on the pallet, wrap the items together with shrink wrap. Finally, use straps to secure them into place and prevent movement during transport.

Black and white photo of two stacks of pallets.
Choose the size of the pallet that your things can fit on.

Cardboard boxes are excellent when packaging for common carrier shipping

There are two types of cardboard boxes you can use when you pack for common carrier shipping. The first one is made of single corrugated cardboard. You should use these boxes for items that are not delicate or fragile, such as books, clothes, linens, etc. If you pack heavy items inside, make sure not to overpack, so that the bottom doesn’t break.

The second type is made of double-walled corrugated cardboard, and it is great when you want to ship fragile items. As we’ve mentioned before, you should protect each item before placing it inside the box.

Pink marker on a white background.
The person receiving the shipment won’t know what is inside if you don’t label it.

Make sure you label properly

Finally, the last item on the agenda when packaging for common carrier shipping is to label all of your boxes. First of all, you should label boxes with sensitive items by writing FRAGILE in legible handwriting on all sides of the box. That way, the shippers know to handle it delicately. Secondly, you will receive a label from your shipping company that has a bar code and tracking number. Place these labels on all sides of your shipment, to make reading them easier. If there is no zip code on your label, you should write it down. Lastly, when your shipment arrives, make sure that everything is in order before signing for it. Once you do, the carrier company has no more responsibility for any damaged items.

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