How to calculate is it worth to ship a car

When it comes to relocating internationally, one question comes more often than the others. How much does it cost? When it comes to vehicles, you want to make sure if it’s worth your money. We all love our cars. It is not unusual to spend a fortune to buy the car of our dreams. If you own such a car, or which is invaluable in other terms, you want to take it with you to your new home in Saudi Arabia. However, you want to calculate is it worth to ship a car. For starters, you can check moving companies in Saudi Arabia and ask for quotations.

Make sure to find a professional moving company that has experience. In order to calculate is it worth shipping a car to Saudi Arabia, you will need to look for car shipping from Saudi Arabia.

Two girls with head scarfs driving a car.
Make sure you have a vehicle once you arrive at your destination.


One of the costs you have to take into account when calculating is it worth shipping a car is documentation. Ensure you have/get these documents:

  • A filled out U.S. Customs & Border Protection Vehicle Export Cover Sheet

  • An original Certificate of Title for the vehicle or a certified copy of the original

  • Two additional copies of each document

How much time do you have?

If you are moving for work and need to begin immediately, it may be a smart idea to rent a car. This would be only for a short while until your own arrives. This is because ocean freight can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks. However, it is the most affordable way to ship your car. Nevertheless, don’t forget to take rent-a-car services into the account when you calculate is it worth shipping a car.

Also make sure to search for logistics companies in Riyadh, in case your belongings arrive before your vehicle. If your car is in good condition and relatively new, shipping it can save you a lot of money. This may be more money efficient than buying a new car at your new destination. To save your time and money, hire a professional automobile shipping company. They can arrange to pick up the vehicle at your home and have it delivered to the port for loading in a 40 foot shared container for shipping.

Remember storage when you calculate is it worth to ship a car

When shipping your car, you may need a place to store it. The cost of parking and storing your vehicle will certainly be important when calculating is it worth shipping a car.

Old and shiny black car on a parking lot with doors and hood wide open.
Take into consideration all hidden costs when you calculate is it worth to ship a car.

If by any chance your car arrives faster than you, you have to make sure it is safe. Look for car storage services. Maybe parking or garages that offer to transport the vehicle to their premises. This can come as an unexpected cost, so be sure you and your budget are prepared.  You can also check out international movers and packers in Riyadh for these kinds of services.

Additional charges that may occur when you calculate is it worth shipping a car are: destination charges, marine insurance, customs duties, and additional taxes. You can check more tips and tricks in this guide for international car shipping.

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