How to Create a Greener Shipping Strategy

As time passes and people shift their eyes toward climate change, pollution, and economic problems, they start rethinking their shipping strategies. So, in conclusion, many changes are slowly being made. When it comes to shipping and logistics companies have been giving their best efforts to adapt and come up with suitable solutions slowly. If you are also wondering how to Create a Greener Shipping Strategy, we are here to help.

Is green shipping important?

Many people don’t even realize the amount of waste made by shipping. But just in 2018, around 82.2 million tons of packaging waste had accumulated. If you add up all the other years as well as future ones, it becomes apparent that some change needs to happen. As there are many types of parking materials the way they decompose is also different. And some of those materials are highly harmful to people. Of course, you can also carefully choose your packing materials, and make your move green. But how many people would go to that extent? So we will tell you other ways to create a greener shipping strategy.

A man holding samplings of waste
There are all types of materials that contain elements that are hard to decompose or are harmful to the environment.

Eco-friendly materials

One of the ways to create a greener shipping strategy is to use eco-friendly materials. When sending their air cargo from USA to Saudi Arabia, many companies need to find suitable packaging materials. Most companies decide to use plastic for packing. But that’s not the best thing for the pollution levels. So using biodegradable materials or at least some reusable alternatives like LimeLoop’s vinyl or cotton wrappers is a better choice. If you wish you can also find companies that sell biodegradable packing peanuts!

Reduce packing materials

Some people have no self-control. They think that if they use more materials their boxes will be safer. As we do understand the need to protect your belongings, excessive usage is just a waste. You can always ask cargo companies in Dammam for advice on how much is too much! And that way you will save money on materials, keep your items safe and make your move greener.

create a greener shipping strategy by considering recycling
When you create a greener shipping strategy adding on recycling will make it even better.

Watch how you dispose of packing materials

In order to create a greener shipping strategy you will need to consider material disposal. There are many ways to dispose of packing materials without making them pile up in landfills. The cold chain services can help you with it also. Recycling is a good option for many of your packing materials. Especially plastic and cardboard. When it comes to boxes you can even sell them to someone that is planning to move as well.

Moving green

With the current situation in the world, paying more attention to waste management is a must. Many people don’t realize how their small actions can affect their surroundings. In both good and bad ways. So don’t think that your small action will be unimportant! Create a Greener Shipping Strategy and take one small step that will, later on, have a big effect on the nature around you.

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