How to Document Freight for LTL Shipping

Although companies know which document freight for LTL shipping must prepare, it is obligated to inform about it earlier. You should know what is on this list and how to qualify it for shipping. However, those documents are not difficult to prepare, as they are common in the shipping industry. For example, a bill of lading is legally obligated, while invoices you should prepare for your safety, too. Professional companies like Four Winds Saudi Arabia will indeed prepare for this process quickly, so do not hesitate to rely on them.

Which is the most common document freight for LTL shipping?

Companies know that preparing documents is not easy so they will follow strict rules and obligations defined by law. Fortunately, most practices are listed on official sites, so companies and individuals can easily find the answers.

Prepare the document freight for LTL shipping


Document freight for LTL shipping should include freight and commercial invoices. Freight invoice shows a freight invoice’s purpose as an outline of the total shipping charges review. It should also include additional freight shipping fees and add clarity to information that is important for shipping. Commercial invoices, on the other hand, logistics Saudi Arabia usually uses as proof of sale. It contains details used for customs clearance to assess the duties and taxes that are due.

Bill of Lading

A Bill of Lading (BOL) is one of the most critical documents freights for LTL shipping. It is a contract between the carrier and shipper and contains the necessary details of the freight you will ship. There are a few essential facts that BOL must have.

  • The carrier’s name and driver’s signature, along with the date of shipping;
  • Document freight for LTL shipping also should include a detailed description of the goods you ship (like size, value, freight class, etc.);
  • Special instructions that logistic companies Riyadh should precisely write for you.


Another essential document that you should prepare

When organizing shipping, you should not leave anything forgotten. Understanding the law and following all guidelines and rules in this field is essential. If unsure, you can always ask your shipping company for advice.

Packing list

This addition is more essential for you when packing items than for the shipping company. It is crucial to understand how this list helps you, though. It is not only a list of things you have packed for transport. However, a packing list will also help you with shipping, insurance, and unpacking. Saudi customs clearance recommends putting the weight, value, and volume of the individual boxes packed in the shipper. Do not forget about the details, too.

Some of the documents are demanded by law

Certificate of origin

Although it does not change the shipment and the documents you have prepared, a certificate of origin is crucial for customs clearance. It is made by the country where shipping is organized. Includes facts like a manufacturer or a certification of government authority such as a consulate or chamber of commerce. You should consist of this document freight for LTL shipping regardless of the shipment usage.

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