How to downsize before moving abroad

Moving abroad is expensive and complicated. But, there is a way to lower your moving expenses as well as to make your move simpler. If you downsize before moving abroad, you will do just that. But how to do it properly, and what to do with all that excess stuff? Well, the most important part is to start dealing with this on time. Because most profitable ways of removing your excess items require lots of time. That is why, before you hire packaging companies in Saudi Arabia to pack your belongings, make a list of the items you are planning to ditch and be ready before your movers arrive.

Why downsize before moving abroad?

Downsizing before moving abroad has many advantages. Here is the list:

  • Cargo companies in Dammam will calculate your moving price according to the size of your moving inventory. That means that the downsizing is directly lowering your moving cost.
  • Your excess items could bring you more money if you manage to sell them. That is why it is important to start with this process well in advance.
  • If you donate your unwanted items, not only that you will do a good deed, but you could also become eligible for certain tax deductions.
  • Maybe you are planning to pack on your own. If that is the case, downsizing before moving abroad will make your packing process simpler as you will have fewer items to pack.
Airport cargo
The price of your move is calculated according to the size of your inventory

What to ditch first?

Downsizing before moving abroad is not that simple. Not only from the physical aspect, but from the emotional as well.  And it will be very hard to decide what to ditch. Luckily, there is one thing that could help you with that. If you do some internet research, you will find that some items are not allowed for international shipping.  That can be very motivating. So first, remove the items that are forbidden.

Moving your items to a new country is difficult. So, you should focus your attention on larger pieces of furniture. As those are mostly affecting your moving price. And they are difficult to move abroad.

In the end, you can focus your attention on smaller items that you are not using regularly.

What to do with your excess items

If you do this at least a month or two before your scheduled moving date, you will have enough time to sell your items.

You can organize a yard sale if you have enough items. In that case, you will have to do some promotional work at least several weeks before the event. If you want your sale to be successful.

Yard sale as a way to downsize before moving abroad
Organize a yard sale to downsize before moving abroad

If you have fewer items, you can try some of the online services for selling used stuff. However, that also takes time.

Maybe you didn’t think about downsizing before moving abroad on time. And you have only a few days left before moving services Saudi Arabia come to pick up your belongings, you can try to donate your stuff. It is a nice thing to do, and you could benefit from tax relieves.

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