How to enjoy KSA in the spring

In case you are wondering about how to enjoy KSA in the spring, we have prepared a perfect guide. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a very friendly place you will be able to visit if you acquire a tourist visa. However, you can also get a business visa if you are doing business in KSA, so you will be able to visit this amazing country. If you, on the other hand, wish to relocate there, then this should not be a big problem. All you need to do is find the finest moving company in Saudi Arabia and relocate there with their help. In essence, KSA is a very friendly country and you will definitely love the people – they are simply amazing! In any case, make sure to read our guide!

Some ways to enjoy KSA in the spring

When it comes to KSA, you should know that it is a very hot country in the summer, but spring is also very hot as well. So, you should make sure that you do not wear heavy clothing when you are visiting. You can get what the locals wear – it is perfect to protect you from the sun and they are really comfortable. This is one of the things you should know before moving overseas. So, the goal is to make you comfortable when it is hot. The temperatures can reach over 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit and you should be well-prepared for it. In any case, if you prepare well, you will be able to face the heat without any issues. Even more, you will be able to enjoy this beautiful country!

A shopping mall
Shopping malls are really big in KSA – you will love them

Yet another way to get to know the place is via the food you can eat there. However, you should know that there will be no pork dishes in KSA, so if you were hoping for that, you will not be able to find them. In any case, if you are a vegetarian, then KSA will be perfect for you! There are plenty of dishes without meat at all, and each and every one of them is amazingly tasty. For meat-lovers, there is a dish called Quzi (or qoozi/ghoozi) and it is made out of slow-roasted lamb, with nuts, raisins, and it is served over rice. Quzi is one of the best dishes you will find in KSA, and it is always fresh and perfectly seasoned. You will fall in love with it!

Things you can experience in KSA

You should know that mall culture is really big in KSA. There are plenty of open malls and Starbucks places you can go to for some coffee. People in KSA love coffee as anyone else, and there is plenty of coffee and tea shops you can visit as well. The people are extremely friendly, especially if you get invited into their home. They will always make sure that you are treated with respect as are all guests in KSA. Also, there will be many people who will stop on the streets to talk with you. Some of them will even take you around the town and show you some places that are really interesting for foreigners. In essence, people in KSA are simply amazing and you will enjoy interacting with them.

A lamb dish
Lamb is simply amazing in Saudi Arabia!

There are some things you should definitely not do while in KSA. It is impolite to point at people or to sit cross-legged when talking with someone else. However, this is what you probably would not do in any case, so there will be no problems. The malls are getting closed five times a day due to prayers, so it might take you a while to get used to that. However, they are closed for only around 15-20 minutes, so you will be able to explore shops and stores after the break is over. In any case, it is definitely a unique experience and if you have spent the majority of your life in the USA, you will definitely love the changes you can see here.

So, how to enjoy KSA in the spring?

There are many ways you can do so. We recommend that you explore everything this amazing country has to offer. Start by calling one of the best logistics companies in Jubail to help you move. Then, you will be free to explore this country. Here are some things you can do while you are there:

  • Visit Al Wahbah volcanic crater. Around 150 miles away from the city of Taif, you can find this crater. If you are a hiker, then you will definitely love this. It should take you anywhere from two to three hours to get to the bottom and back up. So, if you love nature, this is the perfect place you can visit!
  • Visit the ancient city of Mada’in Saleh. This is the second biggest city of ancient Nabataeans. You will be able to see buildings made in stone. Those stone constructions are simply breathtaking. You will definitely find nothing like that back in the US, right?
  • Visit King Fahd’s Fountain. King Fahd’s Fountain is the tallest fountain in the world. It shoots salt water up to 853ft in the air and you will definitely love it. This goes for almost everything you see in KSA for the first time as well.
  • Go to Umluj. The other name for Umluj is the Saudi Maldives. It is a beach and you will be able to enjoy warm weather there. The Red Sea coast is simply amazing as well. Make sure to check it out!
Red Sea coast
Red Sea coast is simply amazing, right?

Is there anything more?

Overall, we hope that now you will know how to enjoy KSA in the spring. In essence, this amazing country will keep you breathless. All you need to do is visit it and you will fall in love with it. Have a nice trip! We are certain that you will enjoy it!

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