How to explain a late delivery to a customer

There are hundreds of thousands of shipments traveling in all directions all over the globe each day. And like in any business, there is always a chance for unfortunate events or delays. Although, if you have a proper freight forwarder in Saudi Arabia those chances are lower. But still, there is still a possibility that your shipment will be delayed by a force majeure. The only question is – how to explain a late delivery to a customer. Let us help you with this one.

Realize how often the delay is happening first

Before you approach your customer, you must realize if this is the first time they had delivery delayed or if this is something they witnessed before. If it is an ongoing issue, you must find the cause of the issue first and then bring the information to your customer. Meanwhile, you will work with your external partner on the improvement. Your logistics Saudi Arabia are already impeccable and they should stay that way in the future. Hence, keep the customer dedication on the highest level possible.

Keep in mind that delays in service can come from any source. Due to improper packing, compromised shipment, custom delays, wrong labeling, legalities, and much more. So, be patient and find the source before you transfer any information over to the customer.

Explain a late delivery to a customer with a more delicate approach

One of the best ways to explain a late delivery to a customer is to pick up the phone and call them in person. Yes, it is much easier to write an email and be done with it. But if you value your customers and how they feel, try it out. It is a much better approach and they will feel much better after talking to a real person instead of reading a generic corporate email.

pick up the phone and explain a late delivery to a customer
You’ll need more than an email to apologize to the customer adequately.

Moreover, if your customer is of a higher value and they are using shipping and moving services Saudi Arabia, you should appoint someone of a higher rank to talk to them. Show them how important they are and they will understand the reason behind the delay and let it slide.

Share all the valuable information you have and explain a late delivery to a customer

Sharing valuable information with your customer is crucial to solving this problem. Contact and explain a late delivery to a customer only when you have 100% correct information. Or at least those that are pending updates. Now, these are some of the steps you should take and something to look out for. Take a look:

  • Never lie to your customer
  • Be proactive and call everyone involved
  • Try to be transparent but keep the customer out of the internal business communication emails
  • Stay involved until the issue is resolved
  • Write an apology email to the customer’s management
a guy talking over the phone in the office
As soon as you have the correct information, take it to the customer. They will highly appreciate the effort.

Do whatever you can to keep your customer happy but stay within your limits as well. Do not jeopardize your worth ethics and rules and regulations of your company.

Establish better communication with your shipping company in the future

As we mentioned before, you must evaluate how often something like this happens. You can’t afford to lose your customers due to delays in service and shipping. Therefore, try to establish better communication and even better resolution. If there are no improvements, you might want to consider moving to another shipping associate. Simply use another air freight to Saudi Arabia and keep your customers happy.

Now you know how to explain a late delivery to a customer. As you can see, you can do much with the right approach and a few nice words, and the right information. And remember, never lie to your customer. If they find out, you will lose them forever.

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