How to get your supplier to store goods at a lower cost

You decided on renting a storage unit and obtain extra space to support your needs. Good decision! To make it happen you should check the relocation company in Jeddah and find the best storage facilities and warehouses on the market. But then again, there is always a question, how to get your supplier to store goods at a lower cost? Don’t worry, we will provide a few tips and tricks that might solve this puzzle. Let’s take a look.

Are you moving, storing, or both?

People usually consider renting storage units when moving or if they are storing merchandise. Whether you are renting one for personal or commercial use, one thing is clear. You must search for the best warehouse Saudi Arabia to accommodate your needs. Hence, guided by your personal needs, you should search for the storage unit provider online. Remember to compare prices, services, and read about the company you are renting from. This way you’ll find the balance between the price and the quality of service.

get your supplier to store goods at a lower cost by browsing all the options available online
Check all the options available online and you will surely find the best storage services on the market.

Organize your cargo to get your supplier to store goods at a lower cost

Your supplier will set the renting price according to the weight, size, and number of supplies you are storing. If you communicate honestly with your provider, you will understand how it works. Then you can reduce the storing cost significantly by reducing the number of boxes, crates, bins, or anything else you’re storing. Therefore, shuffle through your items and figure out if anything can be removed. Also, ask your supplier what a threshold is to obtain a certain price and try to fall below it. Remember, the fewer items you store, the lower the price.

What size of storage space is required?

Storage size will dictate the renting price for sure. You should know that there are small, medium, and large storage units. Moreover, there are certain perks that will increase the price as well. For example, 24hr surveillance, maintenance crew, a guard on site, location, etc. Also, if you are storing delicate items you might need a climate-controlled storage unit. Therefore, you should know exactly how much stuff you have and which size is the most applicable. You do not want to have half-empty storage and still pay the full price.

Storage unit facility
Figure out the right storage unit size for you and avoid paying more than you should.

If you want to know what is the best way to pack for storage and who can transport the whole batch to your unit, you should check moving services Saudi Arabia and find the best option for you.

Negotiate to get your supplier to store goods at a lower cost

You can always negotiate a better price. And only benefit if you ask. You never know when your provider will offer a discount or simply give you a better deal. It can be because of the nature of your business or if you are purchasing a premium service. In those situations, the storage unit provider can include something extra to keep the customer satisfied. Although, you should ask anyway regardless of your business. You never know.

Follow trends and discounts

If you are new to the whole storage renting topic, you might have a hard time to obtain the right info. How can you know how to get your supplier to store goods at a lower cost when you do not know the basic info? Therefore, you must follow trends, read reviews, and compare prices across the board, etc. This way you will find out what is the low, middle, and high price of storing service. Check the following and use it when the time comes for negotiation:

  • Discounts for seniors, military personnel, retail business, private business, corporations, etc.
  • The first month is free.
  • No fees or reduced fees.
  • No security deposits.
  • Free use of maintenance crew, vehicles, tools, and equipment.

If your storage supplier has one of the perks we mentioned above, it is worth considering.

Hopefully, now you know how to get your supplier to store goods at a lower cost. Just remember to check for a discount and always ask your supplier if you can get one. You can only benefit from it. Good luck and we wish you to find the best deal possible.

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