How To Insure Your Valuable Packages Before Shipping Them?

You will certainly need to insure your valuable packages before shipping them, no matter how well you protect them. Even the most experienced packers and companies face serious risks when shipping items. For most of them, avoiding or eliminating the risk of damages or loss is not easy. Professional shipping and logistic companies minimize the possibility of damaging or destroying a small percentage of packages even if they cannot protect them. You can only imagine how difficult it is to prepare for shipping when they have valuable items to ship. The only you can do is to insure your applicable packages and make sure that you have protected them the best.

How to insure your valuable packages before shipping them?

The only you can do when shipping valuable items is to insure them with the right and professional company. However, it is a process that demands serious preparation, which not everybody can do. Make sure that you have been informed about it properly.

Workers should insure your valuable packages before shipping them

The insurance company

You must cooperate with the right insuring company, which must be very professional and informed about cargo transportation services. However, there is a procedure that you need to fill out if you want to have the best option for your shipping.

  • The company must know the value of the package, so they would know exactly the coverage they need to prepare;
  • It is essential to define the precise size and shape of the item and options for shipping, like using cold chain logistic services;
  • To insure your valuable packages before shipping them, contact the company first.

Prepare for the higher fees

Companies have special prices when insuring items, but in this case, they will be slightly out of standardized prices. The reason is the specific type of items that you ship and the organizational problems with it. Air cargo from the USA to Saudi Arabia is not cheap, so prepare for higher prices in this case, too. The first step is to prove that your items are valuable and have an estimation of their value by experts.

How to prepare for insuring company?

Although the procedure is the same for each option and type of shipping, companies have their demands. You need to be precise about the type of your item and value to ensure that you are adequately prepared. Communication with the company is crucial.

It is crucial to protect workers, too

Meet insurance requirements

After you have declared the value of your items, you will need to ensure that things are correctly packed. It is the first demand that insuring company will have, too. Each company has a specific direction in this case, but a significant part of them is the same for each company. You will first need to learn more about the IST 3A standard and pack accordingly. Also, use new boxes in the shape and size that the company requires. Unfortunately, there are items that you cannot insure, as they are too valuable for the companies. Among them are personal items, artwork, currency, liquids, and hazardous materials. On other occasions, you can insure your useful packages before shipping them.

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