New Year’s Resolutions for Moving to KSA

One of the quite common New Year’s resolutions is visiting or moving to another country. However, there is nothing usual or common if your plan refers to Saudi Arabia. If we’re looking for the right words, exotic and extraordinary would describe it much better. In order not to overwhelm you with the many experiences that await you there, gradually get to know the Saudi way of life. Use the beginning of the year to make decisions that will make it easier for you. Let New Year’s resolutions for moving to KSA ease your transition to a new lifestyle. Also, make it the first in line to hire our movers in Jeddah to assist you with your move.

Set yourself the task of learning Arabic in the new year

New Year’s resolutions are always about self-improvement and advancement. And there is no better way of starting a year than to set a bar higher and challenge yourself. Learning Arabic before moving to KSA can seem like an overwhelming and difficult task, but beginner level, shouldn’t be a problem. You will adapt faster and develop a sense of belonging if you learn at least basic greetings and everyday phrases. It will also be easier for you to hire one of the moving companies in Yanbu if you can communicate in their native language.

Learning Arabic with friends is one of New Year's resolutions for moving to KSA.
Take a course for beginners and start learning Arabic.

Explore your surroundings and visit local sights

Embark on a mission to get to know the landmarks of a new area each year. Exploring and learning new things about Saudi Arabia should be a fun task since it has rich and fascinating cultural and historical sights, such as Madain Salih – massive tombs from the first century. So make it one of your New Year’s resolutions for moving to KSA. Our moving companies in Jubail can help you with this venture by providing services for moving your vehicle. Seize the moment and opportunity to get to know as many new places as you can while your stay in Saudi Arabia.

Let one of the New Year’s resolutions for moving to KSA be a course in cooking local specialties.

There is no better way to get to know a new country than through its cuisine. Pick a few traditional recipes and try to make them. Saudi food is savory and rich in flavor since they use a variety of spices. Dishes based on chicken, lamb, various grains, rice, and potatoes are most often prepared.

learn about KSA cuisine before moving and learn to make some basic dish made of vegetables and salt in a bowl
Make New Year’s resolutions for moving to KSA and get to know the traditional cuisine.

According to Taste Atlas, these are some of the most popular dishes in KSA:

  • Kabsa is a national dish made of meat, rice, vegetables, and a lot of spices.
  • Harees is a meal rich in calories, with meat and wheat.
  • Gursan is a somewhat soupy meal, made of meat, vegetables, and slices of bread soaked in.

Don’t let yourself drift away from old friends and family back home

Stay attached to your previous life and persons of significance. Make it one of your New Year’s resolutions for moving to KSA and install zoom or similar apps right away. Schedule your calls and chats throughout the week and stick to them. And when the holiday season arrives, be sure to use the shipping services of moving companies in Riyadh, and send gifts to your beloved ones.

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