How to lower your freight shipping costs in 2020

Everyone who’s ever had an opportunity to organize an overseas shipment knows how it can be expensive. Maybe you will be shipping car from Saudi Arabia to USA, for example, if you are not careful, and have no experience with freight transport; the costs you may encounter could easily exceed the value of your vehicle. Or at least make you think whether it is worth the effort. Of course, there are many more similar situations where shipping costs actually exceed the value of the shipment. Not only for individuals but for trading companies as well. Therefore, people are constantly on a lookout for ways to lower their expenses. In this article, we will try to find ways to lower your freight shipping costs in 2020.

Make sure that you enlist the help of a specialized shipping company

International shipping is complicated. Everyone knows that. So, it can be hard for an individual, but also for inexperienced companies to get through those entangled regulations and requirements. It is one of the main reasons why your costs could easily skyrocket. If you do not have time, or will to learn about complex regulations, your best bet would be to find a reliable freight forwarder or logistics company that will organize the whole deal. Of course, if you will be shipping medical supplies, go with clinical trial logistics. If you plan to ship temperature-sensitive cargo, find the company that offers cold chain services. And so on. That is one of the best and safest ways to lower your shipping costs in 2020.

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Work with specialized carriers. If you are shipping medical equipment hire clinical trial logistics.

Compare shipping quotes to lower your freight shipping costs in 2020

One of the mistakes that inexperienced shippers make is accepting the first offer they encounter. If you wish to lower your freight shipping expenses in 2020, that is a big no. Shipping companies form their prices according to many different factors. If you ask at least three shipping companies for quotes, you will learn that prices will significantly differ.  That is why it is important to compare prices and locate import export companies in Saudi Arabia with the best prices.  So do some research before you book your carrier.

Be smart, use freight consolidation to lower your freight shipping costs

One of the simplest ways to lower your shipping costs is freight consolidation. This practice can drop your price for a staggering 25%. It means that you will be sharing a container with others. Practically, avoiding to pay for FCL (Full Container Load), whenever the situation allows you to.

Avoid busiest dates and hours if you do not want to pay the full shipping price

Another smart way to avoid high shipping costs this year, and save up to 10%, is to do your shipping during off-peak days and hours. Evening hauls could even save you double. If you have an option to do so, do not miss this chance.

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Avoid busiest dates and hours if you want to lower your freight shipping costs in 2020

Staying loyal to your carrier is one of the best ways to lower your freight shipping costs in 2020

If you are satisfied with how your shipping company is operating try to make closer business relations with them. Loyalty to your shipper could save you up to 12% on costs.  This is probably the best way to lower your freight shipping costs in 2020 and in the long run as well.

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