How to make more space in your warehouse

Today, almost all companies and businesses are using shipping and logistics companies. And even more, are using storage and warehouse services. Supply and demand can be a problem from time to time and you must make more space in your warehouse eventually. So, let us provide a few solutions on how to do it without investing too much and without having to expand or purchase additional warehouse space. Let’s take a look.

Start with the warehouse inspection

Firstly, you must inspect your warehouse inside out to realize the current capacity and to measure it adequately. You want to make more space in your warehouse but before you do it, you must know the exact numbers and how much you must invest in such an endeavor. Therefore, measure the width of your aisles, the height of your racks, shelf sizes, etc. Calculate how many working hours it will take to renovate and adapt and if your warehouse Jeddah must be closed down while you are making those changes. Put it all on paper before you start adapting.

make more space in your warehouse with a thorough inspection
Inspect your warehouse first and create a plan on how to gain more space without expanding.

Work on the racking systems to make more space in your warehouse

The racking system sounds complicated at first but it is the easiest solution. You will simply raise the level of your rack and expand them horizontally. This will give you much more space for storing various items. But this must be done by a professional and calculations and numbers must be right. The weight, height, and length must be perfect if you want to avoid any dangerous situations. You will surely make more space in your warehouse and your cargo transport services will work flawlessly. But make sure this one is done right. Invest as much as is needed and let professionals do it.

Add a mezzanine floor to make more space in your warehouse

This solution is tricky but it is the ultimate solution. It is quite an investment as well. But if you do it, you will gain another level inside your warehouse. Basically, the mezzanine floor is as the name says, another floor inside your warehouse. It is assembled in a couple of days and it can support all your cargo services in Jeddah. If you decide on expanding in this way, you must consult with a professional engineer right from the start to figure out if your warehouse can support it at all. Or if you must cover previous adaptation before you start raising the mezzanine level. All in all, it is an amazing solution and you should learn more about it as soon as you can.

Mezzanine floor inside a home
You can add a mezzanine floor inside your home, office, or warehouse. It will double your working space for sure.

Declutter and downsize

The last solution we can recommend is to clear out your warehouse. Each warehouse has an appointed area where you store garbage, unused items, broken machinery, seasonal items, and more. You can review those items and take them out. Sometimes, those spaces can grow and take a lot where instead you can use it to place a few rows of wooden pallets and stack shipments or other goods. Hence, inspect the forgotten corners of your warehouse and make sure they are cleaned.

Now you know how to make more space in your warehouse. There are surely a few more solutions out there. But we are sure you will make something out of the solutions we offered. And when you add your personal touch, it will be amazing. Good luck!

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