How to manage storage of sensitive products

Regardless of the type of business, you are running, often it may require using storage space. If case you have different types of products it may be difficult for you to manage storage. Our experts from logistic companies in Bahrain know how storing different kinds of products inside the same warehouse can be challenging. This is especially true if you live in a region that can have rain and heatwaves within the same week. In this case, the characteristics of the storage space need to be adapted to the requirements of each product. Otherwise, your products could lose their quality and even become unsafe for consumption. All this will bring financial losses you want to prevent. In order to help you, today we will discuss ways to manage storage of sensitive products. So, stay with us and consider important aspects of storing your goods and products properly!

What are sensitive products?

The easiest products to handle while they are stored in warehouses and storages ones that aren’t fragile. Those products are manufactured in a way to stay resistible and to withstand variations in temperature. Nevertheless, almost every industry has certain sensitive products. These products are not resistant to temperature changes. For that reason, they should treat them with care and store them under special conditions. You may need to hire packaging companies in Saudi Arabia for help when it comes to products like this.

Sensitive products in supermarket
Keep sensitive products in mind while looking for storage.

If you are still not sure about what qualifies as sensitive products, keep reading. Well, here are some examples of sensitive products:

  • Refrigerated products; They require including cold chain services and maintenance during storage and transportation. In most cases, these products require special storage systems such as industrial refrigerators and freezers.
  • Fragile products;  These items should be labeled clearly. You will need to keep them away from areas with slip and fall hazards. Usually, you will need to store them on special ranks with protective padding at the back.
  • Products sensitive to light;
  • Medicines and cleaning products;
  • Products at risk of explosion or fire;
  • Electronics;
  • Perishable goods.

Way to manage storage of sensitive products

Even if storing sensitive products seems so hard, it is manageable. According to our Four Winds Saudi Arabia experts, you will make it by monitoring the temperature in your storage constantly. If you are renting a storage unit, you will need to tell your storage providers all details about your sensitive products. When it comes to organizing the loads, they will depend on their storage conditions. So, make sure to find the right store where you can place your sensitive products.

Think about ways to manage storage of sensitive products
Find suitable ways to manage storage of sensitive products.

Some of the best ways to manage the storage of sensitive products are to use the advantage of:

  • Automated warehouses;
  • Warehouse mapping and monitoring;
  • FIFO inventory management method;

If you opt for storage with advanced, high-tech systems it will be easy for your to manage storage for sensitive items. Also, if you know how cool or warm areas are, you can implement fail-safe measures right away. This way you will prevent damages. The FIFO inventory management method will help you control the time of storing sensitive products inside units.  This way you will manage the freshness of sensitive products successfully. Whether you are exporting or importing your products from America, Europe, or anywhere else, hope you will find this article helpful. Wish you the best of luck with storing your goods!

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