How to meet the customer’s deadlines during the peak season?

Shipping cargo is a demanding and stressful process, especially during the busiest time of the year. It is important to know what to expect in order to meet the customer’s deadlines during the peak season. If you are not well prepared it will affect your business operations. Plan your activities before the craziness begins.

What is the peak shipping season?

The peak season is the busiest time of the year for shippers and retailers. During that time, there is a growing demand which causes stress and tight deadlines for shipping and logistics companies. Tight capacity leads to higher freight rates which are also something you should have in mind. High demand is usually associated with holidays, tourist season, back-to-school season, etc. But the peak season begins much earlier because shipping must be done in advance. Airfreight is by far the fastest shipping option. However, if you are shipping cargo by sea remember that ocean freight requires several weeks.

Timing is crucial during peak shipping season.
Plan your activities carefully in order to meet the customer’s deadlines during the peak season

What can you expect during this period?

There are several trends that you can expect during the peak season. Due to the rise in demand shipping prices are higher. Companies have fewer available shipping dates and are ready to pay more in order to meet deadlines. Port charges in KSA and storage fees also go up as demand for the services increases.

This is the reason why this is a very volatile time of year for everybody in the supply chain industry. Retailers, distributors, shippers, freight forwarders are affected.  In addition to that, there are more cases of rolled and damaged cargo during the peak season. The main reason is higher traffic and lack of time to handle cargo with care. There is also a higher risk of theft during this period than other times of the year.

Learn how to meet the customer’s deadlines during the peak season

Your first step should be to research reliable shipping and logistics companies. Choose the one that is experienced and can meet all your demands. Get familiar with customs clearance regulations to avoid any delays. It is critical to start the search well in time and secure the shipping space as early as possible.

Find a good shipping and logistics company during busy shipping season.
Hire a reliable and experienced logistics company to help your meet all your deadlines during the peak season. In this way, you will avoid delays and dissatisfied customers

Meeting the customer’s deadlines is particularly important when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry. Delivering the right supplies at the right time is crucial. So if you need help with clinical trial logistics make sure to find a company that can facilitate customs clearance and provides safe transport of your items.


The peak season can turn into a logistics nightmare if you are not well prepared. Don’t find yourself fighting for space on vessels. Make a solid plan before this busy period in order to meet the customer’s deadlines.

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