Most popular jobs in Jeddah for a new residents

More and more people want to live and work in Saudi Arabia. This fact is not surprising at all. Around half of the residents of Jeddah and Riyadh are foreign workers. Many foreigners live in special facilities, the so-called compounds. In addition to being able to make a good amount of money, employers here in most cases also provide accommodation, cars, and return tickets to the homeland once a year. Due to the lack of work in their countries, a lot of people are accepting the excellent job offers that exist in Saudi Arabia. And why would anyone miss those great business offers? Four Winds presents to you the most popular jobs in Jeddah.

Oil industries-Petroleum engineer is one of the popular jobs in Jaddah

The work of an oil engineer is highly valued here. Saudi Arabia is rich in oil. Therefore, there is always work for oil engineers. You will surely be content after moving with the working conditions and respect you will have. You will be appreciated and highly paid for your work. As a petroleum engineer, you can earn up to 80000 dollars here. This is definitely one of the most popular jobs in Jeddah. Accept the business offer and move to Jeddah. After that, transport your belongings across the sea, without the slightest problem. When relocating because of this great job sea cargo Jeddah can do everything for you. So you don’t have to worry about your belongings, they will be carefully transported to your new home.

Man in beige blazer holding tablet computer
One of the most popular jobs in Jeddah is definitely the job of an English teacher!

English teaching

The job of an English teacher is sought after all over the world, including Jaddah. If you know English very well, you will easily find a job in Jeddah as a new resident. Many teachers go there for teaching jobs. They pay reasonable salaries and offer many other opportunities. In Saudi Arabia, average teachers earn $3000 per month tax-free. You will of course have additional benefits such as free flights to your home country or subsidized accommodation. It will be very interesting for you as an English teacher to experience all the charms of life in Jeddah. There is a great demand for English teachers and that is why the salary is on the rise for this type of profession.

The job of an accountant

If accounting is what you do, you will have no problem finding a job in Jeddah. Enter the ads and see how much demand there is for this job. Whether you are a Senior Accountant, Accounting manager, Junior Accountant you can easily get a job in this field of work. In addition, the salary is very good. You will surely be extremely satisfied with it. In conclusion, this job is highly valued and well paid in Saudi Arabia.

Executive Chef

If you are a chef, you can easily get a job in Jeddah. Certainly, you will work mostly full time. What is expected of you is that you meet the standards of the company you work for. Your task is to train and motivate the culinary staff. Set an example of a positive work environment for your staff. The job of an executive kitchen chef should also include providing guidance for all day-to-day kitchen operations. To ensure that the services you provide to guests are satisfactory review staff. This is a very hard and responsible job, but it is certainly very profitable at the same time.

Popular jobs in Jeddah are jobs of executive chef
As a chef in Jeddah, you will earn a very nice amount of money!


Marketing Manager is one of the popular jobs in Jeddah

If you love a job in marketing Jeddah is the right place for you. The opportunities that will be presented to you in Saudi Arabia in this field are amazing. So make the progress on the business ladder. If you are ambitious and passionate about your business, moving to Saudi Arabia. This will enable you to become a successful marketing manager. Living in Saudi Arabia provides a whole new experience that you will greatly appreciate. Arrange to move to your new home in Jeddah and leaving that part of the job to international movers Jeddah and focusing on your career.

The job of a nurse

Also, the job of a nurse is highly appreciated in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the conditions on offer are excellent. In addition to a very nice salary, nurses also receive 54 days of annual leave. What can still be expected is a month of paid sick leave. If you work as a nurse employer covers your health insurance, provide transportation, and a plane ticket at the beginning and end of your work stay. What you need to get this job is two years of work experience, professional medical education, and knowledge of English. In addition, the job of a nurse is one of the most respected jobs in Jeddah.

Stewardess job

One of the most popular jobs is definitely the job of a flight attendant. This job gives you different opportunities. When you work as a flight attendant you have the opportunity to travel around the world. You will meet different people, cultures, countries. As for life in Saudi Arabia, when you work as a flight attendant, you will surely feel protected and safe. In Saudi Arabia, people are calm, religious, and very pleasant. Talk to movers in Jaddah and ask them how they can make it easier for you to move to Saudi Arabia if you decide to do this very interesting job.

Person standing inside airline
The job of a flight attendant is one of the most interesting and exciting jobs.


As you can see there are various job offers that Four Winds Saudi Arabia has presented to you here. These are just some of the popular jobs in Jeddah. It is up to you to contact the moving companies in Saudi Arabia, accept the job offer, and get ready to start a new and better life. Anything you need about relocating either your furniture or your valuables you can contact a relocation company.

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