How to Move Exercise Equipment

Moving exercise equipment can be dangerous and it always involves heavy lifting. Given the weight of the equipment and the many moving parts, it has, oftentimes you will need help to move it. And Four Winds Saudi Arabia will help you save time and money while moving heavy belongings. If you’re wondering how to transport your elliptical, dumbbells, or exercise bike, read this article for tips and tricks on how to move exercise equipment.

To move exercise equipment hire movers

Often, gym equipment weighs hundreds of pounds and even the strongest people will struggle with moving it. Such a task usually requires a team of people. You can ask family or friends if they are up for it. If not, hiring professional movers is usually the best way to go. They have experience with such items and know exactly how to pack and move them. If you need to transport your equipment by plane, air cargo Bahrain is your answer, make sure you check it out!

How to move exercise equipment
Tips and tricks on how to move exercise equipment

Take it apart

Exercise equipment can usually be taken apart into smaller components. This will help you or the movers you hire load the equipment into the truck. It will also minimize the risk of fall damage (big and bulky equipment is much more likely to fall over!) It is also much easier to pack and protect it this way. Look for big pieces that can come off the equipment and get to work! 

Invest in a furniture dolly

A furniture dolly is used to wheel heavy items without having to carry them. For exercise equipment especially, a dolly will help you a lot. They can carry anything from small and heavy (dumbbells) to large (an elliptical). Nobody wants a thrown-out back or neck or any other more serious injury. That’s why you want to prepare yourself!

A woman using bubble wrap
The better you pack the better you can move!

Pack and cushion

Move exercise equipment safely by cushioning it. Especially if you are moving other belongings as well, you don’t want anything to fly off and around the truck, damaging everything in the way. So, once you’ve managed to break down your equipment into smaller pieces, try to cushion as many surfaces as possible. However, if you do decide to hire movers, such as packaging companies in Saudi Arabia they will even help you pack! Here are some materials great for cushioning:

  1. Bubble wrap
  2. Foam
  3. Cloth

Make sure you have a clear path

An extremely important tip for moving gym equipment is clearing a path for it beforehand. Maybe it’s a storage unit or a new home, not having a clear path to carry the equipment through will only complicate the situation. You don’t want to have to run in front and move everything in a hurry. That’s how accidents happen and items get damaged. Start at the front door, think about the route you or the movers will need, and move absolutely everything in the way.

Be careful when you want to move exercise equipment

Always be careful so you can avoid potential injuries to yourself or your other belongings. If you follow these five tips above you will know how to move exercise equipment. Make sure your items are packed correctly, you know exactly where they’re going, and hire professionals to help you if needed! Logistics companies in Middle East can help you figure out the cost of having professional help!

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