How to Move Internationally with Kids

Making a decision to move internationally is big for anyone. However, the entire process might become even more intimidating if you plan to move internationally with kids. There are many benefits of living abroad at any age. However, kids usually have difficulty seeing the thrilling parts of moving internationally because they’ll lose familiar locations and leave friends behind. Making sure that your relocation abroad is successful for all family members will take lots of preparation before your departure date. But don’t worry. Four Winds KSA has prepared a list of tips on how to move internationally with kids, so keep reading to find out more.

Keep in mind that the age of your kids will have a big role in how you prepare them for a move and what their reaction will probably be to the thought of leaving their homeland. However, if you’re a parent of babies or toddlers, you should know that they are easy to pick up and move to another country. Just keep up their routine, and they might not even see the difference. Young school-aged children are probably going to likely questions. But this age group is very adaptable to making new friends and changing schools. Also, they can pick up a new language easily if they are moving to a country that has a different native tongue. Also, we offer container shipping from UK to Saudi Arabia, if you’re in need of such services. 

Let them know about it

When moving internationally with kids, it’s important to take the time and give attention to telling the news. Prepare well and plan a good time with your family. You can make a video or a presentation of the country you’re moving to. How you can do this depends on the character and age of your kids. Give your kids some time to get used to the idea. They won’t always react enthusiastically and cheerfully right away. They might even be angry at you because they may feel like their world is falling apart. Explain to your children why you’re making this decision. Let them know you’re doing this as a family and that you need them to make it successful. International relocation isn’t easy, not even for you.

Mother and Daughter Wearing Yellow Long Sleeves
Before you move internationally with kids, let them know about it.


International moving is exciting for both kids as well as parents. Prepare your kid socially and emotionally for this step. International movers Jeddah suggest taking a look at practice books that can help you prepare for the international relocation. Create a list with your kids of the pros and cons of moving internationally and talk about this with them. Talk to your kid about homesickness. What is homesickness? What can you do about it, and how does it feel? Take a look at the internet with them and find information about your new country. What’s their culture like, what kind of people live there, what do they eat, and what kind of habits do they have? Watch documentaries with them and learn some words of the new language.

Involve them in the planning process

You might want to plan your relocation without telling your kids until close to your move date to decrease anxiety over the preceding weeks and months. However, most experts think that involving your kids at all stages of the process is crucial to helping them adjust, process any negative emotions and come to the new country with a positive attitude. Reading picture books with younger kids about the process of relocation to Saudi Arabia might be helpful. Older kids can participate in the research about the new country. Listen and address any concerns that occur during this stage. If possible, let your kids participate in the decision process. This can help them feel invested in the relocation process instead of feeling as though they have no say in the decision.

Family preparing to move internationally with kids
It’s a good idea to involve your kids in the planning of the relocation process.

Saying goodbye to old friends

Farewell is not necessary. You can call it a “goodbye-for-now” party. Plan a day and invite their friends. They can do something fun together and take pictures as a nice memory. Frame the best photo or make a photo book of it. Also, you can create a video of that day. With apps such as Facetime, WhatsApp, and Skype, it’s easy to keep in touch with your home country. Your kids won’t believe you now. However, the need to keep in touch with old friends will disappear soon after they make new friends.

Kids Wearing Party Hats Hugging Boy in White Shirt
Create a goodbye party for your kids and let them be in contact with their old friends until they make new friends in the new country.

After you move internationally with kids, it’s important to adjust them

The initial period in a new country can be emotional. That’s why it is important to help your kids adjust to an international move. Don’t force anything. Keep all subjects open for discussion. If your kids need some time alone, allow this. Create a weekly schedule, pay attention to it, and try to follow it. This will give you something to hold on to in chaotic times. Also, regularity in this situation is important for your family. Eating and having fun together, staying at home regularly, and being together as a family. Do activities and go exploring. Also, you can take a look at the new school and see what kind of sports clubs there are.

Have a plan B

It is important to have a plan B. Did you know that 40% of expat families will go back to their home country within 5 years? This is why it’s crucial that the native tongue is up to standard. Only then will your kids be able to enter education directly in your new country.

Final words

We hope that the tips above will help you successfully move internationally with kids. There are many more tips to make the international move with your kids easier. Also, if you’re in need of relocation services Saudi Arabia, don’t worry. We have you covered. 



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