What to Measure in Your Warehouse

Your business may be either blooming or failing based on your warehouse optimization. That’s why the question of what to measure in your warehouse is so vital. Due to the nature of the global economy and with the increment of shipping to Saudi Arabia, warehouse efficiency is crucial. There are certain criteria you can follow to make sure you’re doing all you can to optimize your business. This includes measuring things such as precision, turnover, timetable, accuracy rate, and so on. These factors will greatly affect the overall performance of your business. Moreover, it will also influence the satisfaction of your customers.

Operational audits

Conducting regular audits is one of the best ways to measure efficiency in your warehouse. This includes things such as the capacity of your warehouse, storage systems, safety and security systems, and so on. Many of the warehouse Saudi Arabia owners are doing these often in order to make sure their practices are up to date. Generally, you’ll want to check your warehouse often for these things to make sure you’re 100% of your capacity. This means checking things such as:

  • The general layout of your warehouse – is everything accessible and easy to reach?
  • Capacity – is the capacity enough for your set goals? Do you need to expand it? Alternatively, is it too big for your current needs? Calculate accordingly
  • Accessibility – is the warehouse convenient for all kinds of vehicles? What about the interior? The exterior is just as important, too
  • What to measure in your warehouse will also depend on the nature of the items you’re using it for. That’s why every warehouse is also unique
  • Specific metrics – these can include things like volume received per hour, the number of orders picked, order process per hour, and so on. These are often called KPIs  – key performance indicators
An organized warehouse, but the question of what to measure in you warehouse depends on what you use it for.
Warehouse optimization and performance checking are great ways to develop your business further.

Safety is always the answer to the question of what to measure in your warehouse

Safety is always super important in every warehouse! You don’t want any accidents or mistakes, which can cost both money and lives. Many people are searching for good and reliable warehouse Jeddah services, and this is the key thing they look at. Measuring your warehouse on how well it’s optimized for safety breaches is crucial. Moreover, there are set methods to make sure you’ve got all the data. Things such as accidents per year and the time since the last accident are common.

Accidents per year will tell you how good your overall safety architecture really is. This is one of the most common answers when wondering what to measure in your warehouse. Simply, it means counting all the accidents and using that number as the metric. After a few years, you can also develop an average accident per year metric. Moreover, the time since the last accident will also tell you a similar thing.

Two workers looking at papers in a warehouse.
Safety is always the best thing to consider when thinking of what to measure in your warehouse.


Taking care of your warehouse is really important. Additionally, by following these tips for what to measure in your warehouse you’ll be able to always stay at the top. Many companies, like the Four Winds Saudi Arabia, are offering warehouse services nowadays. The importance of knowing what to measure is more important than ever.


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