How to pack and move large area rugs

Moving large and bulky items is not an easy job, and is best done by professionals. It is especially challenging if you try to do it all by yourself. If you have to pack and move large area rugs, there are a few things to consider and prepare for. For one, the bigger your rug is, the heavier it will be to carry. Besides, packing such a large item can take some time, too. But now one of the best packaging companies in Saudi Arabia will help you secure your rugs for the move and ease your moving day. Here are some tips for relocating large area rugs from your home or office space.

Firstly, clean Your Rugs

Since rugs in general take up a lot of space on the floors, they can hold and potentially transfer a lot of dirt around the house. Therefore, before you can pack and move large area rugs, you need to make them clean first. It’s important to keep your home clean while you pack, so you don’t spread dirt all over your new cozy abode. Depending on the size of your carpet, you can either wash it by yourself or hire professionals to do it.
In case you decide to wash your rugs by yourself, the best way of approaching this is by scrubbing it in the open space like your backyard. If your carpet is not made out of delicate materials, you could clean it with cold water and dry it in the sun. However, antique or Persian carpets can get damaged by using this regular washing method. In that case, it would be best if you let professional cleaners take care of it and prepare it for you.

Grey living room where you'll pack and move large area rugs
If your rug is not made out of delicate materials, you could wash it with cold water and dry it in the sun.

Pack and move large area rugs by rolling them

One of the trickiest things about packing and moving carpets is their size and shape. To pack and move large carpets, you should always roll them up. By doing this you can try to make the rug take as little space as possible. To proceed, roll it tightly and make it look like a narrow tube. The thing is, the tighter you roll your rug, the better the chances of it not opening up during the relocation.

On the other hand, if you need to pack and move large area rugs from your commercial space, getting them ready for the move might be more difficult. That is why you should consider renting commercial storage or commercial packers who will help you either store your rug or prepare it for the move.

Professional removers know the best way to pack and move large pieces of furniture. Or store them in containers if you need temperature controlled shipping companies to relocate them overseas. Because corporate spaces have plenty of furniture pieces and electronic appliances around, rolling the rug up is not always possible. However, Professional movers know the best methods of moving and packing rugs before loading them into the moving truck.

Apples fell out of a grocery bag on a beige carpet
Since carrying a rug takes at least two people to do, make sure to calculate the space you have around.

Get the proper Supplies to Pack and move large area rugs

Packing rugs and carpets is very different from packing the rest of the household (or office) items. To pack your rug for the move, you will need to make sure you get a few basic packing supplies like:

  • Plastic wrap
  • Duct tape
  • Plastic bags (for smaller rugs)
  • When choosing packing supplies, you should make sure to pick the ones that are durable, waterproof, and elastic.
  • To pack and move large area rugs with ease, you will need to secure the rolled up rug and tape it firmly.

Measure and Clear Out Space before you Pack and move large area rugs

One of the most common challenges of relocating a large area rug is removing it from the room. When you have carpets that cover almost the entire floor surface, getting them out of the house requires careful planning. Not only is there a chance of causing damage to the rug, but carrying the rug “tube” around could knock down other possessions around the path. In order to make sure everything goes smoothly, measure all the door frames and hallways. Verify that your rug will fit through. Remember, carrying a rug takes at least two people to do. So make sure to calculate the space you have around. The most efficient way of moving a large area rug is making sure it is secured and stable for the move.

Pack the rug last

When it comes to packing, you should leave the rug to pack the last. If you used a packing room-by-room method, first take all the inventory out of the room so that you can pack and move large area rugs. Clearing out space will help you move more easily and save the rest of your belongings from falling over.

Black door frame and a grey carpet
Unlike smaller carpets and floor sheets, large area rugs are not always possible to move without professional help.

Should you Pack and Move Large Area Rugs by Yourself?

It makes no difference if you are moving your home or your company. In both scenarios, you should consider hiring professional movers to help you. If you are moving on a budget, you can always contact us to check rates, request an estimate. Or simply choose a partial-moving service. All you need to do is to make a list of things that you want to move. By hiring a professional moving company in Saudi Arabia, you can potentially escape many troubles. Not only is this the best option for saving your rugs (and your home) in the best condition, but you can also avoid a potential moving injury. No matter which method you choose for packing and moving your carpets, we’re here! Just make sure to plan the process and take one step at a time – and you’ll be fine!

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