How to pack before moving to Riyadh

You should pack before moving to Riyadh in the same way as in any other moving. It is not much different from other types of moving. However, packing and moving companies in Riyadh advice to consider this moving as slightly different.

  • Most people are moving to Riyadh for a job, so this is a massive change in life;
  • You are an ex-pat in Saudi Arabia, so act like that – you need to learn about their culture and history;
  • It is not easy to pack before moving to Riyadh when you will travel overseas – you should pack your whole life in a suitcase.

There are a lot of ways to pack for long traveling like this. However, you should inform yourself about the regulations about things you can take with you. Also, you should know how to behave in Saudi Arabia. There are things that even ex-pats cannot do.

You should put medications first on the list when moving

What you must pack before moving to Riyadh

There are things that everybody should pack in any circumstances. Besides gadgets and personal items, you should pack medicine and documents. On the other hand, you should include things that you need during transportation, too.

Take prescribed medications

Packers and movers in Saudi Arabia will kindly recommend taking all medicines with you. Although Saudi Arabia has doctors and hospitals, you will need some time to have new recipes. On the other hand, make sure that you have taken with you all medical documentation.

Take care of children and pet

Those two cannot stand a day without things they used on. It includes toys and food. However, most of the relocation services Saudi Arabia will not advise taking stuffed animals. Saudi Arabia has banned them. On the other hand, take pet food that your pet used on.

You should pack before moving to Riyadh things that will make you feel comfortable

There are things that everybody needs for a healthy life. Those will not change our lives significantly, but still helps in daily routine. Although you can buy them in every country, pack intimate and personal things, just in case.

Do not forget about electric devices and gadgets

Do not forget on electric devices

Every people have used gadgets and electronic devices. It is essential to take your phone, laptop, kitchen supplies, DVD player with you. However, check if you can bring them in Saudi Arabia, or customs clearance in Saudi Arabia will take from you.

What not to pack before moving to Riyadh

It is highly essential to learn what not to pack when moving to Riyadh. Do not forget that Saudi Arabia has strict religious laws that even an ex-pat should follow. Also, learn how to behave in this country. There are things that they strictly forbid.

Large suitcase
Whatever take with you, there are things that Saudi Arabia has banned

Do not forget on banned things in Saudi Arabia

There are a few things that this country does not allow. You cannot take alcohol, drugs, or pornography. Also, it is no point in taking TV since electric plugs are different. It is not essential how to pack before moving to Riyadh. You should learn what not to do when you finally come to this country.

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