How to pack photographs when moving to Jeddah

Knowing how to properly pack photographs when moving to Jeddah will help you keep your belongings safe during transport. Before moving to Jeddah you should consider finding the best movers that can prepare your belongings for transport. When moving your belongings, reliable movers that offer packing services are the best allies you can have. However, when packing on your own you should know a few tricks for packing photographs for safe long distance transport. Here are some tips from professionals on the proper way to pack photographs when moving to Jeddah.

How to prepare for packing your home?

One of the best ways to prepare for moving your home is to have enough time to organize everything. Make sure to take time for packing your home and organizing your move. Take your time a start planning your long distance relocation a month or two in advance. Also, you should consider and calculate all of your moving costs before you start planning. Make sure to contact the best movers in Jeddah and ask for a moving quote. The moving quote is the estimate of your relocation costs. In most cases, quality movers may help you relocate long distances even when moving on a budget. After you have more than one moving company’s quote, you will be able to plan your costs.

photographs on the table
Before packing your photographs, make sure to sort them out.

After you decide whether to use a professional moving company for moving your belongings, you should start planning your packing process. The best way to start preparing for packing your belongings is to find essential packing supplies. Keep in mind that you will need the best quality packing supplies to pack photographs when moving to Jeddah. Packing sensitive items may be the hardest part of your long distance relocation. On the other hand, packing sensitive and fragile items is not hard when you know where to start and how to pack specific items.

Get proper moving supplies for packing

Using the best quality packing supplies, you should pack sensitive items. Keep in mind that local movers in Jeddah can provide quality packing supplies for your needs. Here are some packing supplies you should have on hand when packing photographs:

  • Moving boxes. Moving boxes with reinforced bottoms are essential for packing sensitive items when moving home. Make sure to get the best quality moving boxes in various sizes. You should calculate how many moving boxes you will need for packing everything in your home. If you cannot decide on the amount of moving boxes you may need, contact your movers for advice.
  • Plastic wrap. You will be able to pack photographs when moving to Jeddah with ease if you use plastic bubble wrapping materials. These materials are there to secure sensitive and breakable items like photograph frames and other similar items. Wrap each item in plastic wrapping paper and wrap it with packing tape to secure it for moving long distance.
  • Packing peanuts. Another essential packing supply you should get before packing sensitive items is packing peanuts. Make sure to set sensitive items into the moving box and cover the rest of the space inside the box with packing peanuts. After filling out the box with packing peanuts, every sensitive item you pack will stay in place while in transport.
you will need the best quality packing supplies to pack photographs when moving to Jeddah.

How to pack photographs when moving to Jeddah?

There is more than one way to pack photographs when moving to Jeddah. Before you start packing your sensitive items and photographs you should have plenty of packing tape. Consider getting packing tape for sensitive items. Packing tape shouldn’t damage any items when unpacking.

With packing tape in hand, make sure to take your frame into your hands. Make sure to cover the glass part of the frame from corners to corners making an X mark with tape. This way you will protect the glass from breaking during transport. Also, you should make sure to remove your photographs from frames when transporting. It is important to separate photos from frames to keep photos safe. On the other hand, you should pack photo albums the same way you pack your books.

In case you don’t remove photographs from frames when packing your home, you should consider covering the glass part of photo frames with smaller thin books and pack them together. If you put photo frames beside hardcover books you will secure photo frames from moving and breaking during transport.

Consider getting insurance when moving long distance

Before you go on and ask movers to load your belongings onto the moving truck, make sure to research your insurance option. It is no secret that accidents happen during long distance transport. Breaking something small may not be the biggest damage. However, losing your photographs may be a disaster. No amount of money can replace those important memories.

family photo
If you need to relocate valuable family memorabilia, consider hiring professional movers.

After you pack photographs when moving to Jeddah, make sure to consider the best insurance option for your belongings. Consult your moving company about the best insurance option they provide. The quality movers may offer more than one insurance option for the transport of your belongings. On the other hand, if you are worried that your photographs may damage during transport you may pack them with the belongings you will take to your new home. In case you are packing your sensitive and glassware items and packing an overnight bag, consider taking the most important photographs with you. Also, if this is your main concern, you may scan all of your photographs and have copies in digital form before you move. In case any damages happen you will have copies of the most important photographs dear to your heart. With a digital copy, you shouldn’t worry about losing your memories.

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