How to prevent the rise of shipping delays in 2021

Avoiding delivery delays is a very important question. It has gotten tremendously easier to do business since e-commerce was invented. You don’t need to visit a physical shop in order to purchase the items you need. You can do it from the comfort of your home whenever you want and get it on your doorstep. With the current worldwide situation, shipping delays are a major problem. Businesses like the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia are still handling the problems. Keep reading to find out how to prevent the rise of shipping delays in 2021.

What can stop you to prevent the rise of shipping delays in 2021?

To be able to eliminate shipping delays, you have to understand them first. The main reason for shipping delays this year is definitely the pandemic. But even with that going on, there are other things that further increase the delays. Here are some of the culprits.

Bad weather

Mother Nature can sometimes prevent the shipping of goods on time. Bad weather conditions like snowstorms and fog can significantly slow down transportation. This is definitely beyond the control of the cargo shipping companies in Saudi Arabia for example, but it should also not be used as an excuse for late delivery.

Prevent the rise of shipping delays in 2021 by avoiding shipping during bad weather
Bad weather can seriously affect the shipping process

System failure

It is normal for a business to sometimes experience technical problems. But if this happens often, it is certainly something that you should fix. If your business shipping containers from Canada to Saudi Arabia often has technical problems, it will often lead to delays. That ultimately leads to customer dissatisfaction.

Mistakes with the documentation

Badly spelled addresses, order forms that are completed incorrectly and insufficient information can cause delays. This can be a mistake from both sides. The final result in most cases is that the order won’t even get to the consumer at all.

Logistical difficulties

This is one reason that is currently the most problematic. Logistic companies are unable to handle high demand, which results in delays.

Trailer passing next to pine tress
High demand outgrows the available capacity which results in delays

Prevent the rise of shipping delays in 2021

Here are some strategies you can use to prevent shipping delays:

  • Set a minimum and maximum delivery time. This will help you focus on the most important orders first. You should set the minimum time so that it doesn’t put you under pressure. But the maximum time should not be discouraging to the customer.
  • Make preparations in the warehouse for the time when you know that you will have more orders. This way your warehouse service providers will be ready for a rush and diminish delays.
  • Using automated logistics software may be expensive at first, but it definitely helps in the long run. When you have something that’s done automatically, it will for sure be easier. That will prevent the rise of shipping delays in 2021.

Prevent the rise of shipping delays in 2021 – conclusion

Shipping delays have never been more frequent than in the past two years. The global economic effects of Covid – 19 have been devastating. But with time and proper strategies, businesses will prevent the rise of shipping delays in 2021. After this crisis is over, logistics companies will be more skilled in handling difficult situations.

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