How to save up on packing material?

Moving is a demanding job that seems to last for several weeks. If you are moving on a budget, moving could be even more difficult. As you can realize, there are many costs of moving. From renting a moving truck or hiring packers and movers in Saudi Arabia, to the costs of renting or buying your new home. So, how to reduce any of these costs? Try not to invest in those things and services that you can skip. Sometimes packing is one of the hardest segments of the move. Besides, if you own any special items fragile to pack and transport then you know you will need certain packing supplies. Although those supplies are necessary to prevent damages to your items, you will still try to save up on packing material in general. Let’s see how to take control of the budget and save money on packing supplies.

Save up on packing material and figure out how much supplies you actually need

Over-Purchasing packing material and supplies are one of the mistakes you have to avoid. This is a recommendation from professional packaging companies in Saudi Arabia. In most cases, you can go back to the store and return unused packing material, but when you are running out of time and have a ton of moving tasks, this is not something you need. Returning packing material is, unfortunately, one more step you have to make during a demanding moving process that seems like never ends. To avoid any kind of wasting time, make sure you know what packing material you should pick. Still, wondering how to skip mistakes he purchasing packing material? Using an inventory list is what you need to have. So, before you purchase any of the packing materials, make sure to know how many items you have to pack and relocate.

Garage sale
Make sure to organize a garage sale.

Be realistic when it comes to things you want to bring with you

Decluttering your home a couple of weeks before moving will help you out. Not only it is a good opportunity to dust and clean your belongings before packing, but it is also a proven way to save up on packing material.  One of the best ways to save up on packing supplies is to skip packing things you don’t use frequently. Sell and donate things you did not use in the previous two months. Also, make sure to sort seasonal items that you will no need until next season. Most of that item could be stored inside your storage unit.

But what to do with your old piano or furniture pieces that don’t fit into your new space? The answer is renting a storage unit. This is an excellent way to downsize your shipment. Grab a piece of paper and write down what items you could store before you even start packing. This way, it will be more clear how much packing material you need. All material you will use to protect and pack your items during transportation to storage could be reused once the time for moving comes.

Get moving boxes first

It does not matter what kind of special items you have. It is not difficult to find protective packing materials for packing those items. On the other hand, most of your belonging requires moving boxes or suitcase you already have. Wondering where you can find cheap moving boxes to pack your items? Plan to buy dozens of cardboard boxes? Before you do so, you need to know they will end up in the recycle bin very soon. To prevent spending a fortune on purchasing moving boxes, we seem to have a better plan. Instead of wasting time on a ton of cardboard boxes, save up on packing material and rent reusable plastic containers. No throwing moving boxes and returning unused ones anymore. From now on, renting reusable plastic moving boxes is your way to conduct packing. Also, you can look for free cardboard boxes in the nearest store.

How to save up on packing material
Using suitcases is the perfect way to save money on packing supplies.

Garbage bags

They are not the most representative things to move with, but if you could save up on packing supplies, why not? Maybe you did not know, but garbage bags are excellent for hauling your items and belongings. We want to remind you to use heavy-duty black garbage bags for heavier things. Also, those things that need a little bit of extra support, like books and magazines. On the other hand, you can use regular garbage bags for lighter things like clothing, toys, and hangers. However, do not pack anything fragile in a garbage bag and you will avoid damages for sure. Use moving boxes and containers for those kinds of items.

Suitcases and duffle bags

Who does not have any suitcase or duffle bag? Remember the set of suitcases you have purchased from Amazon two years ago? Now you can pack up clothes, bedding, and heck and even dishes in some of your suitcases. As we know, suitcases are easy to transport. Moreover, they are great for relocating because their wheels allow you to move your heavy items inside them with ease.

Linens, towels, and clothing

Use materials you can find in your closet just as you would use bubble wrap or packing paper. All these materials are convenient for protecting and wrapping your fragile items. Before you purchase any parking material, try to see if possible to use the materials you already have.

Use blankets to wrap the most fragile items you have.

Don’t be shy when it comes to gathering packing materials

There is no reason to be shy and give up on asking your family members to help you out. Moreover, close friends will be glad to help you with packing. Also, why wouldn’t you ask your friends if they have any unneeded boxes and bubble wrap? Maybe you can reuse some of their boxes from the previous move if they are still in good condition. As we already mentioned, it is wise to visit the nearest shops in search of empty moving boxes. If you get some moving boxes or bubble wrap from your friends, for sure you will be able to save up on packing material.

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