How to Spend the First Week in your New Home?

It is essential to spend the first week in your new home relaxed. Maybe you want to repack as soon as possible. However, people with experience recommend many different things. It is especially important if you have organized such a tough job as air cargo from the USA to Saudi Arabia. You should consider having a fun time on these days.

  • You will be exhausted after moving – although we are sure that Four Winds Saudi Arabia have finished the job as professional and comfortable as they could;
  • Most people define these days as confused – you will find in a new country, with new people and it is not time to do heavy jobs;
  • You should spend the first week in your new home as much relaxed as you can – to avoid depression and anxiety that could happen to some people.
Delay unpacking as much as you can

First days after moving to define how you will spend the first week in your new home

If you have organized moving with a good moving company, you will surely have time to relax. The early days after moving will show it to you. If you had a job with a good company, you would surely have time to have fun. However, make sure that you have made your time as comfortable as you could.

Prepare emergency bag

It is much easier if you have prepared a wardrobe and toiletries for the first week in your new home. You will not hurry with repacking. Local movers Saudi Arabia recommend to pack even spare underwear and towels.

Set up bed

Maybe you feel like the last thing you should do, but you should prepare the bed for sleeping. In that way, you will feel relaxed. You will easily find a place to eat or changing the cloth. If you do not hurry with unpacking, rent a warehouse in Saudi Arabia. But everybody needs space to sleep.

Do your paperwork right after moving

Do paperwork

Let be honest, you will have a lot of jobs to do after moving, and it is not only unpacking. Do not spend your first week only unpacking boxes. You will need to contact friends, send addresses. Also, you should contact utility companies.

Spend the first week in your new home as relaxed and comfortable you can

The first days in your new home will be confused. You cannot predict your behavior on those days. However, do not jump into the job immediately. Wait for a while. Find an excellent relaxing method. Or simply explore the neighborhood. They will be happy to introduce it to you.

Cleaning lady
It is good to clean up your new home right after moving


Maybe it is not a relaxing thing to do in your new home, but you should clean your house as fast as you can. It will relax you and provide a feeling that you have control. If you feel too tired for it, rent a cleaning company.

Explore Saudi Arabia

No matter if you start from the official site or alone, but you should explore Saudi Arabia as soon as you arrive. It is maybe the best way to spend the first week in your new home.

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