How to spot an unreliable shipping company

Shipping scams are not rare. There are many shipping and logistics companies that are not reliable or particularly skilled. Hiring such a freight forwarder can have serious consequences for your business. In addition to poor service or lack of communication, you may experience cargo delays and damage. In order to avoid financial harm, it is important to spot an unreliable shipping company. Read on and find out how to avoid such a company.

Learn how to spot an unreliable shipping company quickly

There are many shipping and logistics companies in Saudi Arabia that can provide quality service. The shipping market is very well developed. However, fraudulent shipping and packing companies are also common. That is why it is important to understand what are the qualities of a reliable shipper. There are several quick ways to spot an unreliable shipping company and avoid shipping scams.

Scam alert
Pay attention to red flags when hiring a shipping company and make sure to avoid shipping scams.

A reliable shipping company should have license

One of the quickest ways to spot a fraudulent shipping company is to check whether it has a license. Go through the list of all licensed companies in your area. The licensing involves meeting certain requirements and licensed companies need to comply with the strict bonding and insurance criteria. Check if your company is duly registered. If it is not, this is a red flag, and you should avoid it.

An unreliable company doesn’t offer insurance

Shipping insurance is the second factor to consider when choosing your freight forwarder. Although the insurance policies vary depending on the company, all shipping companies should provide basic coverage. There is always the risk that packages will get damaged. In the event that your shipment is lost or damaged, you can submit an insurance claim and receive compensation. Remember that even the most trustworthy companies cannot control certain factors such as the weather. Read your contract carefully and check what kind of shipping insurance your shipper provides.

Check the company’s website

Before you choose your shipping company, make sure to check its website. Read information about the company’s history and the services they provide. Pay special attention to previously submitted comments and complaints. The experiences of people who have used their services will give you a clear idea about the quality of service that a company provides. Companies with a lot of negative comments can hardly be considered reliable. You don’t want to hire a freight forwarder that has a history of losing and damaging packages or arriving several days late. But be careful when doing the online check because there can be some fake testimonials on their site. Do a thorough research and do not fall victim to unreliable shipping agents.

A man looking for shipping companies reviews online
Check the shipping companies’ reviews and rating online. Also, read comments about the quality of service on its website.

You may face serious problems if you choose an unreliable shipper

Dealing with an unreliable shipping and logistics company can bring about many problems for your business. If you are searching for experienced logistics companies in Jeddah make sure to hire a partner that will fit with your business operations. They should give you good advice and continuous support. Good logistics companies will greatly facilitate and accelerate the customs clearance process and track your shipment with modern technological resources.

If your shipping and logistics company doesn’t have enough knowledge, experience, or resources for your business operations, you may suffer a huge financial loss. Your cargo might be delayed and your company won’t be able to follow deadlines. In addition, improper packing can lead to product damage. That is why it is important to follow specific packing guidelines. Packing and crating are important parts of the shipping process.

How to find a trustworthy and experienced shipping company?

Finding a reliable shipping and logistics company is the most important part of the shipping process. Researching shipping companies in KSA takes some time but it is absolutely necessary. Check specialized shipping company websites. They can provide general information about all shipping and logistics companies. Also, here you can find reviews, previously submitted comments and complaints. You can also ask your friends and family members for a recommendation. In this way, you will save a lot of time and energy.

Make a shortlist of companies that meet your needs and fit your budget. Different companies provide different types of services. Do you need storage facilities? Do your products require cold chain logistics or some sort of special conditions? This is important to take into considerations before making a decision. Once you create a list of companies that can meet all your requirements, compare the shipping costs.

Qualities of a reliable shipping company

When choosing a shipping company there are several factors to consider. We have already explained the importance of hiring a company that has a license and offers insurance. In addition to that, your shipper should be experienced. Transporting goods internationally is not a simple task. It involves many different activities, from proper packing to providing logistics and storing services. Experience is particularly important in certain industries such as pharmaceutical and medical. Transporting medicine or organs to a recipient for a transplant requires special conditions that only a team of specialists can provide.

Shipping port
Your shipment should be properly packed and stored.

A reliable shipping company must-have technology capabilities. This means that they have proper tracking devices to monitor your shipment in real-time. Staying up to date with the newest technology is one of the companies’ priorities. Finally, proper packing is a must. Companies should use quality packing materials and provide different shipment methods – transport by air, sea, road, and rail. It is important that your forwarder knows how to handle your types of goods. Only in this way can it ensure proper packaging.

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