Which storage facility is practical for what

If you need to store some of your belongings, whether it is for your own use or business purposes, you are going to need to know which storage facility is practical for what. There are several types of facilities and each is particularly suited for a specific goal. Your movers in Jeddah can provide you with any of these facilities but you need to know what you are looking for, first. In this article, we are going to explain the differences between the facilities and what they are good for.

Which storage facility is practical for what – 5 Main types of storage facilities

Most common storage facilities fall into one of the following categories:

  • Self-storage
  • Drive-up storage
  • Container
  • Mobile self-storage unit
  • Document storage

Of course, there are other, specialized facilities, but if you need one of those you will know it (e.g. cold-chain warehousing).

storage, warehouse
Self-storage is the type of storage unit that most people go for.


The most common facility, and the one that you most likely think of when you hear the term “storage unit. These facilities feature security solutions such as CCTV cameras, live personnel, etc. Most of them come equipped with all the tools that you need to safely store and retrieve your belongings. They have forklifts, trolleys, large lifts, and so on. This is a type of warehouse in Saudi Arabia that most people go for. They are safe, easy to use, and quite practical. You can store all kinds of items within and you can choose the size of your storage unit. This storage type is perfect for the “do-it-yourself” attitude, as you are going to be storing and retrieving items on your own.

Most facilities of this type can also provide you with all manner of packing materials and boxes for your belongings, as well. All you need to do is pick a suitable, convenient, location and you will be good to go.

Drive-up storage

This storage facility offers easy vehicular access. Usually, the facilities are a bit smaller than self-storage ones, due to the increased accessibility. This is a perfect storage type for storing a small number of practical items, such as tools or equipment. You can also use some of the larger units for building materials and larger items. The main draw of the facility is that you can simply drive to the entrance and access the facility with your vehicle. This allows for unparalleled convenience but you may lack some of the tools that other storage types offer. If you are constantly moving stuff in and out of your vehicle, this is the perfect facility for you. It offers a safe, secure, storage unit with unrivaled access.

Which storage facility is practical for what – Containers explained

Next up, we have storage containers. This “facility”, or storage solution is perfect for moving house, for example. You can store an entire house worth of belongings inside a storage container, and have it carried to the storage facility. There it will remain until you have the need of your container again. Once you do, the container can be brought to the place of your choosing, and you can take your time unloading it. These storage containers vary in size and type, and you need to know how to choose the right storage container before utilizing them. But after you do, this solution provides you with an easy way to store and relocate a lot of items in one go. It is a great long-term storage solution for items that you will not need for some time. It does not provide you with easy access to your belongings, however.

Shipping containers

You can also use containers for shipping purposes. They can be loaded onto special ships, which will carry them into international waters. This is a solution that most businesses that deal in export/import use but it is also used when you want to relocate or ship a large number of items in one go. Again, you will need to know how to choose a suitable shipping container for your shipment. You will also need to protect your belongings by packing them correctly. If you have any doubts about the process or have any questions, you can always contact us and we will explain it to you.

storage, shipping containers
Container storage is highly versatile but lacks in accessibility.

Mobile self-storage unit

This is a type of storage solution that is quite similar to container storage. The difference is in the scope. Mobile storage units trade holding fewer items for greater mobility. It is a lot cheaper to have this type of unit delivered than a container. The way that it works is that a moving company brings the unit to your office, apartment, or anywhere you wish, and you pack and load the items inside. After that, they take the unit to a secure facility where it awaits further instructions. As it is a lot cheaper to move around than a container, you can have it delivered back and forth several times and the cost will not increase that much. Most of these units come with some tools and supplies for easier packing. They include items such as moving blankets and perhaps a dolly and some straps.

Document storage

The final common type of storage facility is secure document storage. This solution is perfect for storing all of your invoices, tax returns, and any other documents. The main benefit of this unit type is that you will have easy access to all of your documentation and that you can find what you need at a moment’s notice. There are some additional perks to the facility, such as having a handy paper shredder nearby, and document destruction services. Basically, you can call your document storage provider and they can shred some of the documents for you! Most units will also provide you with a Certificate when they do so. In some cases, this can be the most valuable perk of them all.

contracts. documents, secured
Keep your sensitive documents in secure document storage!

As you can see, there is a storage solution for all purposes. As for which storage facility is practical for what, you get to decide most of it, based on the information that we’ve given you. Not everyone thinks the same and the best storage facility for your purposes is the one that you deem the best, not anyone else.

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