How to spot red flag indicators in international shipping

You might think that international shipping doesn’t concern you much. But most products we use on a daily basis are imported from a foreign country. Whether it’s the fruit and vegetables you buy or the clothes you wear, almost everything goes through international shipping. Maybe you are moving overseas and need your belongings shipped. Or you own a business or work with companies that ship their products worldwide. Then it is even more important to know how to spot red flag indicators in international shipping. If you don’t work with a reliable company such as the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia, it is crucial to know what to look out for.

Why choosing a reputable international shipping company is essential

Scammers are lurking whatever you do. When you move to Saudi Arabia, it is important you choose reliable international movers and packers in Riyadh. The same goes for shipping your belongings overseas. Avoiding fraudulent freight companies is key. There are several ways to pick up on warning signs that a freight company or a logistics company if you are looking for one for your business, is a scam:

  • the prices are ridiculously low
  • the company’s URL is suspicious
  • there are other freight forwarding companies with the same name
red flag
Watching out for red-flag indicators in international shipping is important to avoid fraudulent companies.

The first thing that sticks out when you choose freight forwarding companies that are trying to scam people is that they offer unrealistically low prices. Think about it, if all reputable freight forwarders in Riyadh are offering services at higher prices, why would this particular one work for mere pennies? They wouldn’t. Every company wants to offer the best price to its customers along with good quality service. But, the trained employees and good service come at a price. So, if you come across a company that is offering a deal so good it’s hard to believe it’s real, you better skip it. It’s probably a scam. In that case, you can search for the company online, and check its URL. Established companies usually have their own domain. Scammers will sometimes take a name of an already existing, successful logistics company. If anything seems suspicious, move on to a more reliable company.

What are some other red-flag indicators in international shipping to look out for?

Of course, searching for the company online is just the first step. Some fraudulent companies are aware of these indicators, so they work really hard to cover their tracks. Luckily, there are plenty of honest logistics services international companies offer. here are some other warning signs to watch out for:

  • evaluate the online reviews, if anything seems like they are false skip that company
  • check out the company logo. If you find another company under the same name but with a different logo, it is possible one of them is fraudulent. In that case, watch out for companies with blurry or low-quality logos.
  • the freight forwarder refuses to give you a Bill of Lading. Reputable companies do not charge extra for the BOL.
woman looking at her phone searching for red-flag indicators in international shipping
Do your research before choosing a freight forwarder.

If you are planning on moving overseas or relocating your business to Riyadh, we hope you found our article useful. It is important to protect your business and your belongings when you choose logistics or freight forwarding companies. Watching out for red-flag indicators in international shipping is the most important thing. Although it can be hard to recognize a company is trying to scam you, there are steps you can take to protect yourself against fraud. Follow our guidelines, and you have nothing to worry about.

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