How to store art for global shipping

Art pieces present one of the most delicate items when it comes to shipping.  Their fragile features make it a challenge to pack and store them properly, ensuring safe international transport. So, whether you’re moving house, storing items for more safety, or simply selling them to a foreign buyer – this guide will be more than useful. Here are some tips on how to store art for global shipping and ensure maximum safety during the process.

Can art be shipped internationally?

Absolutely! With proper packing techniques and the help of one of the most reliable logistics companies in Saudi Arabia, you can transport almost anything to your new home. However, with more delicate items, there are more safety measures included, so be careful whom you trust this task.

fragile item shipping
Make sure you label the boxes before handing them over to professionals.

Tips for to safely pack and store art for global shipping

Detail and care are the most important factors in preparing art for any kind of storing or shipping. You need time to do this properly, otherwise, you risk expensive damage to your collection. First, be sure to gather all the necessary supplies. You’ll need different sizes of cardboard boxes or plain cardboard, and a sharp knife for cutting it. Furthermore, be sure to get some heavy-duty tape that will keep the boxes secure during transport. Next, don’t forget a marker for labeling, and some ‘fragile’ stickers for better protection. Finally, get a measuring tape and a box sizer, so you can easily modify cardboard to the appropriate size.

Take the right measurements

Use your measuring tape to make exact measurements of your art pieces. This will help you find or make the right container so it’s not too big or small, and ensure the pieces inside stay intact. Taking measurements is also helpful for calculating the shipping and storing costs of your cargo transport company, and making the process a lot simpler.

taping a cardboard box
Take measurements to get the box of the right size.


It’s best to clean your art before packing. Use a dry, clean microfiber cloth to remove any dust from frames and other hard surfaces. There are polishes you can use for different materials, but maybe it’s best to consult a professional for appropriate cleaning techniques. The paint is very sensitive, so it’s best to avoid cleaning it.

Protecting the art

The process of safe packing will depend on the shape of your art. Also, paintings with frames require additional support. Framed art requires additional protection for glass and frame, to minimize the risk of breakage. It’s useful to use painter’s tape to protect the glass – it’s best to create an X or star shape. Additionally, cover the glass with a layer or two of plastic or air wrap for better protection. However, if there’s no glass covering the painting, you can use glassine paper, as it’s air, water, and grease resistant. It will protect the canvas from getting dirty or wet, so be sure to cover the painting and secure it with tape.

When it comes to protecting the frame or artwork such as sculptures, bubble pack to wrap the item in a couple of layers. It provides great protection from scratches, bumps, and other damage. after wrapping it, it’s best to place it in a secure box and fill any free space with packing peanuts or similar protection. However, the most important part is to protect the edges of the art piece, as these are the most vulnerable during transport.

packing an item for shipping
It’s better to be safe than sorry – protect your items well before you store art for global shipping.

Make sure your art is stored in a climate-controlled space

Humidity and extreme changes are the biggest enemies of art pieces. Paint is very vulnerable to inappropriate conditions, and it’s not something you can easily fix. That’s why choosing the best storage option is essential for storing art for global shipping. As storign art requires special conditions, make sure you pick climate-controlled storage Saudi Arabia. This will ensure the temperature and humidity levels are maintained at all times, ensuring the best environment for these delicate items.

Make an inventory list

Anothe essential step in storing art is to have a proof of the condition and number of items you’ll store. It’s best to make a detailed list of the items and have a copy of the inventory, as well as the documentation for each piece. To have a proof ot he condition of your art, it’s good to take photos before you pack and store them into a unit.

Moving abroad? Here are a few tips to make the process safer and easier

Plan your move in advance

It’s important to safely store art for global shipping, but you also need to think about the rest of your household. If you have enough time to plan the move, it will be a lot simpler and safer process. Start making plans months in advance, so you can do everything on time.

Partner with the most reliable teams

Whether you only need shipping or relocation services Saudi Arabia, make sure you hire only the most professional, reliable teams to help you out. Give yourself time to do online research and get recommendations, so you can be sure you’re trusting a professional team for your international relocation.

Don’t bring everything you own

Things that are eating up space in your current home and items that are easily replaceable should probably stay behind. Declutter your home before you start packing and ensure you’re bringing the items you’ll need in your new home. This will make packing simple and fast, but also lower your moving costs. Donate, recycle or sell the things you won’t bring with you, and make the most out of them.

Final words

When you’re about to store art for global shipping always remember that art is irreplaceable. This means you should do your best to ensure the safety of this transport and storage, and trust your art pieces only to reliable professionals. This way, you’ll reduce the risk of damage and loss, and make the relocation as stress-free as possible.

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