Is having storage in another country a wise choice?

Whether you want to move and store your household due to your stay abroad or for some other reason, important questions arise. Is having storage in another country a wise choice? While you are away, you should send someone to check your apartment regularly. To ventilate it or take the mail out of the mailbox. If you decide to store yourself during your absence, you don’t have to bother your friends or family with regular “home calls”. You can store the entire apartment or just individual furniture, whichever suits you better in the exact frame that is best during your absence. While you are away and your apartment can be rented, all your belongings are in good hands in storage.

What is the best solution for you?

It is extremely expensive to leave an apartment unused for a long time, which is not a good decision. For that reason, the best solution is to store household items and furniture in a professional warehouse such as a warehouse in Saudi Arabia. You can easily place your furniture during your absence. If you need smaller storage spaces they are available under very reasonable conditions. Depending on your needs, of course, you can determine the size of the repository yourself. Professional warehouses can also provide you with pallets and means of transportation. They can also safely transport your household goods under favorable conditions.

Man in red polo shirt thought a good idea
Think about what is the best solution for you. It can easily be and having storage in another country.

What to look for in a warehouse?

When choosing a warehouse you want to make sure your belongings are safe. Choose warehouses that are secured with alarm and video surveillance. It is important that only you have the key to your storage, so you decide who has access to it. It is also important that storage rooms always have an optimal climate for stored goods. Storage rooms must be dry, cool, and at a constant temperature. This is the right way to store everything, from a set of tires to furniture, clothes, and shoes. An important question in addition to how long you want to rent storage space is the size of the storage space. Before storing furniture and your belongings, sign a contract with a storage company. For this, you usually need documents when renting storage overseas such as proof of identity (identity card), proof of residence, proof of insurance, and a rent deposit.

Inventory of the stored item and its value 

If you are having storage in another country, make them a list of stored items and their values. In any case, you must fill out a statement of the value of the stored items in case of damage. Another alternative is to temporarily store household goods in a garage or basement. In this case, however, the garage or basement is not suitable spaces for storing furniture. Damage to furniture and your belongings is almost inevitable if you store your belongings in this way. Basement temperatures can vary greatly, and humidity can cause damage when leaving your belongings for extended periods of time. So, it is very likely that your furniture will be unusable. The best solution is to have storage and evaluate the storage unit before renting it.

Writing a list of inventory for having storage in another country
Make sure you create an inventory list of your belongings and take out insurance to make sure your belongings are safe.

Things to consider when you are having storage in another country

Whatever you want or need to save before you move abroad, relocation companies in Jeddah are at your disposal with advice and support. Write a list of your questions. Ask everything you would like and should know. Here are a few things your checklists should contain:

  • What do you want to save?
  • Have you thought about enough ceilings to protect your furniture?
  • Do you have enough packaging material?
  • Do you have transportation options?
  • For how long having storage in another country you need?

What is your budget?

The cost does not depend only on the size of the storage box. Other parameters, such as geographical location, duration, and type of storage, also play a role. In any case, insure your furniture and personal belongings. In most cases, warehouses will suggest an insurance solution. Of course, you also have the option of insurance of your choice. It is important to have a good feeling when choosing a storage option. If you find it difficult to ask your family or friends for storage capacity, you know that they do not have space available and then there are other storage options that can be of great help to you.

Woman counting money while sitting at table
Think about your budget and how much benefits storage can bring you!

Having storage in another country when planning a trip around the world 

The idea of traveling for a year or more around the world sounds like a true dream for many people. Some fulfill this dream by planning a world trip. Whether you are a digital nomad who goes abroad for a long time with your laptops or you go on language trips or business and travel you have to plan everything carefully. In practice, planning a trip around the world means, above all, a great organization. This is not just about planning steps to another country. It is also important to take care of what is left behind, especially your belongings. Therefore, having storage in another country may be a wise choice for you. You can be far away and have your belongings safely stored. 

It is no longer a question today whether you get a job abroad, study all over the world or simply travel the world. The question is: wherein the meantime should I put my things while I’m away? Finally, most stays abroad are temporary in nature. Don’t worry about it. Simply store your furniture, books, files, clothes, instruments, and everything that is important to you in one of the storage rooms. After that, there is no need to worry you are free to relax and you can be sure that your things are in a safe place.

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