Getting to know the city of Jeddah after moving

If you have moved to Jeddah recently and getting to know the city of Jeddah, you should prepare for this city first. The first step in it should be the dropping of all the stereotypes you have about it. Moving companies in Jeddah move people to this country every day. There are a lot of businessmen and ex-pats that live here.

  • People afraid of the banns and rules there – it is true that they have banned a lot of things, free speech, and wardrobe, but foreign people have a little more freedom than their citizens;
  • Getting to know the city of Jeddah should start with the adapting to their climate – it is hot and have dry air;
  • Local movers in Jeddah recommend following their religion and especially women cloth – but still, you should be able to dress simpler if you are a foreign citizen.
A mosque
You will be able to see great culture in Jeddah

How to get to know the city of Jeddah?

They have opened to new cultures. Most of the old habits and banns they have forgotten. On the other hand, this is a city of culture, Middle-Eastern art, and magnificent nature. You may feel confused with their dress code or strict law. However, people here follow those rules and regulations for decades. You should adapt to them and respect their religion. When it comes to nature, people worry about the climate. They indeed have sweltering and dry days. On the other hand, modernly designed offices and apartments will help you with that inconvenience, too.

Culture is among the first thing you should inform about when getting to know the city of Jeddah

No matter how strict their legislation is, they have high culture and architecture. It is not known to people from the West part of the world. You should respect their buildings, temples, and old architecture.

Asir Mountains

They have a great view, near the Yemen border. However, when the sand storm starts, white fog covers the picture. It is still a fantastic view for people that comes from foreign countries. It should be the first thing that you will see after moving to Jeddah.

The Asir Mountains have a great view

Women open gradually

Jeddah is one of those cities when women have more prominent rights than in villages. You will see women that wear only lights covers on their heads. It is good news for packing companies in Jeddah since you can take your wardrobe with you.

How to behave when getting to know the city of Jeddah

The first step when learning about this city is how they live and act in everyday situations. Yes, you know for their wardrobe and women’s rights. However, you should work concerning their culture, too.

Get know the culture that made Petra in Jordan

Mada’in Saleh

It is a type of old temple near Jeddah. The temple has made by tribal from ancient times, the same that have made Petra in Jordan. Their name is Nabatacan. You can enjoy this pre-Islamic temple if you visit Jeddah.

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