Large Local Move in Jeddah: How To Pack

Packing up your life in suitcases and boxes isn’t easy at all. Even dough you’ve found a perfect home in the near, you still have to do all those boring steps in packing. We can only tell that it doesn’t have to be at the highest price. With great organization and reliable professional relocation companies in Jeddah, you’ll be able to save some money and still enjoy quality service. One of the things you should know before your seemingly large local move to Jeddah is how to organize. It’s indeed the most difficult part, but the good news is that someone can still do it for you. Here is our universal guide for packing.

Large Local Move in Jeddah: Complete packing guide

A crucial factor for having a successful move is to be fast and effective. It could be hard especially if you don’t have anyone on your side. That is why we always recommend hiring the right team. Other than that, you can start the selection of all the items that need to be included in this process. The following steps are:

Give away, donate, trash it

Sounds harsh, but the truth is that you don’t need some old or broken stuff you’re saving for the moment that usually never comes. Be honest to yourself and realistic. It’ll take days if you start packing even the old prom dress you’ll never wear again. Decluttering is something that will help you no matter the movement. Your closet will be more spacious for new clothes and you’re going to spend time packing necessities only. If you don’t have anyone who would wear your old purse or small pair of jeans-donate. That is the way to make someone happy and create space for other belongings at the same time.

A box for donation.
Donate and declutter your old clothes to make more space.

Find packing equipment

Doing everything in advance is our recipe to make this move straightforward. Engaging local movers in Jeddah on time will save you tons of money. Don’t fool yourself that you can organize it overnight. That’s the most common mistake you can do and it also brings hidden costs. With that usually goes special packing equipment. For those with a limited budget, we can recommend websites that offer free packing supplies like boxes. You’ll still need more tape, bubble wrap, and a lot of patience. When you finally buy everything you can possibly need, start wrapping step by step.

One extra tip is that you can agree with your moving company and book packing and unpacking services. It’ll be much easier knowing that your large local move in Jeddah can pass without worrying about packing supplies anymore.

One room-one box

Well, not just one, to be precise. There is no chance to pack everything you need in just one box, but you should avoid mixing items from different rooms. This way you can visibly mark every box and know where have you put your belongings. You’ll practically organize everything so you can’t get confused when unpacking starts. Pay special attention when packing kitchen items, especially plates and other fragile stuff. Using paper towels or bubble wrap between every plate you’ll prevent damage.

A couple sitting in the middle of boxes.
Pack one room at a time to make unpacking quicker.

Don’t leave empty space

Leaving empty space inside boxes will make your items move and even break during the large local move in Jeddah. Instead, use boxes of the right size and make sure to fill every inch. Fragile items should be wrapped with more attention and packed in separate boxes, while cutlery should be placed alone in the smaller one. Plus, if you do notice an empty space, make sure to fill it with paper towels or paper. It would be also great to mention to your local movers Saudi Arabia to transfer those boxes more carefully.

Take care of the pricy and heavy items

If you do have expansive pieces of furniture, you have to learn how to pack them properly. One of the first things you should know is that having leather furniture requires a lot of care. You can’t just take packing blankets and a piece of tape, cleaning is the key. It indeed requires time, but you surely want to move clean furniture to your new address. All you have to do is to take a wet cloth and wipe the surface. For removing dust and dirt you can try using a vacuum cleaner, but carefully, it can damage the leather. After that, leave it aside to dry, and then wrap it the next day. Never put tape directly on the leather. The same thing stays for the piano, aquariums and other heavy stuff. Cleaning first, and then the special care.

An orange sofa.
Take care of your leather items and large pieces of furniture. Don’t lift them alone, leave it to professionals.

Move to Jeddah like a pro

When you’re finally done with the packing, there is one more thing you can do. Start planning a new space and enjoy your new neighborhood. Sounds impossible because you haven’t officially moved yet, but there are some benefits to it. You can finally go away from the packing just for a couple of hours so you can rest and get more energy to continue further. Start exploring Jeddah as soon as you can, and we’re sure that this attractive area will be the right for you. Numerous restaurants can represent your calm place for one afternoon until you go back and finish the work.

Get in the car and go

The final day of your packing will come, and while all those heavy pieces of furniture are in the truck, you can grab a chance to say the last goodbye to your old place. Take the first night box with your essentials into your car, and you’re good to go. Packaging companies in Jeddah will take care of other boxes, and when you start unpacking, remember that the ones with fragile items are always on the top.

Trusting one professional team is a significant step for you as a client, but we can also say it’s reciprocated. That’s what makes your large local move in Jeddah effective and stress-free at the same time. If you do need any other information, feel free to call.

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