Legal requirements for the cold chain process

Shipping items and goods is a complex process. There are certain procedures and rules you need to follow when shipping goods. One of the first things you need to think about is packing it properly. This will save your items and goods from breaking during the transport. Secondly, you need to consider who you will ship it by. Unfortunately, unreliable freight forwarders can only make this job harder for you. Are you looking for using a professional logistics company during the shipment? Well, don’t forget to think about special shipping conditions for your items when contact logistic service. For example, need to have a temperature-controlled environment during every step of your item’s journey? There are certain requirements for the cold chain process our national shipping company of Saudi Arabia knows about. We are the cold chain services that you need to handle the entire procedure trouble-free.

Consider requirements for the cryogenic chain process

If your business is related to shipping any specific goods and products, you may know about cold chain process rules. A cold chain or cryogenic chain is an important part of logistic service. It is about an uninterrupted series of storage and distribution activities which maintain a given temperature range. Since our team of cold chain services specialists and the presence of a global GDP-compliant global network, we are crucial in this partnership. It is well-known that temperature controlled shipping companies have the main role when it comes to supplies of pharmaceutical products and more.

Don’t skip obligatory requirements when it comes to your business.

Here is the example of things we are transporting:

  • special medical equipment
  • medical emergency shipments for organ transplantation;
  • scarce and expensive medicines
  • clinical trial materials
  • etc.

Obligatory requirements for the cold chain process

Now we are coming to the thing you might do not know. It is about Regulatory Guidances by Countries and/or Regions. We will make sure to highlight the legal requirements for Saudi Arabia. The law said ” No shipment of pharmaceutical products imported to the Kingdom will be cleared if it was proved that they were transported in non-cooled containers or stored in such a way contrary to the conditions recommended”. According to this, every business owner should find a way to treat its goods in the correct way.

requirements for the cold chain process
Make sure to learn all the rules you need to follow.

We are the best friends of your specialized business

Logistic services are what we need when moving or transporting our property. Although it may seem that you have to invest too much money in this type of service, that is not the reality you should believe. Moreover, requirements for the cold chain process have to be followed. Therefore, hiring a logistic service can save you a lot of money. This is particularly important for Pharmacy. But why is that? Pharmaceutical products imported in Saudi must be transported in cooled containers. Additionally, it is obligatory also to store them accordingly. Breaking any of these rules can make your products worthless. That is why you can’t do this job without a reliable logistic service. Our team has required equipment and knowledge important for conducting requirements for the cold chain process.

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