Loading Order for a Move

The last step in moving preparation until you head to the road is loading a moving truck. Loading your items in a moving truck shouldn’t be done without an order. Your main goal is to utilize the space in the moving truck and make sure that your items stay safe during transport. If you are not sure how to do it, you sure let your packers and movers in Saudi Arabia do it. However, if you want to do it alone, there are a few tips that can help you. Therefore, here are a few tips for a loading order for a move.

The tips for a loading order for a move

Before you start thinking about loading a moving truck, you have other things to prepare. The first one is to find a good and reliable moving company. Moving without relocation services in Jeddah will be too hard and long. For this reason, you should first contact a few different moving companies and choose the best one based on moving estimates, reviews, and the overall vibe of the company. Also, professional movers can load a moving truck or offer you great advice on how to do it.

man driving a white truck know the best : Loading Order for a Move
The first step in loading order for a move is to rent a moving truck of the right size

So, the best ways to load a moving truck are the following:

  • Rent the right size of a moving truck
  • The heaviest items go first
  • Disassemble furniture

How to choose the right size of a moving truck?

Picking a moving truck of the right size can be a little tricky if you don’t have experience. First, you need to rent your moving truck in advance. However, you can get a full moving service at moving companies in Bahrain that will include a moving truck. But if you decided to load a moving truck by yourself, you should avoid getting a too small moving truck. Getting a too big moving truck is not a big problem as getting a too-small one. Sure, you will pay more money than needed, but all your belongings will fit at once. While renting too small moving truck might be a big problem.

The heaviest items go first

The proper way to start loading your moving truck is to load the heaviest and biggest items in your household. These items are usually refrigerators, washers, couches, mattresses, bed frames, tables, etc. Of course, all these items should be the first packed properly by you or packaging companies in Jeddah.

You must disassemble your furniture first

Some furniture can’t be loaded into a moving truck if you don’t disassemble them first. For example, you should first disassemble a bed frame, wrap each piece in packing paper, and then load them into a moving truck. If large furniture can’t be disassembled, you should put them in an upright position to save space in a moving truck.

a picture of a bed in sunset
Disassemble your furniture first

Smaller items are last to load into a moving truck

A proper loading order for a move says that the smaller items should be the last ones to load. Also, you should put them on the top of heavy items and not under. As the last step of loading your moving truck, you should secure all your items with moving straps.

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