Making a storage inventory — a quick guide

Relocating to a new place in Saudi Arabia? Wondering where to store all your stuff until your new home is refurbished? Why don’t you try renting a storage unit in a warehouse in Saudi Arabia and keeping your belongings there until everything is ready for a big move-in? Without a doubt, it is a big deal. You will have to plan the whole process thoroughly — from making a storage inventory to maximizing the space in your storage unit. So, guess what, we are here to help you and give you some useful advice regarding that.

What are the best inventory and storage ideas?

Every successful project starts with the formulation of a detailed plan and careful preparation. Therefore, you shouldn’t rush if you have enough time. There are many inventory and storage ideas that can come in handy. Certainly, the choice of a warehouse greatly depends on your plan.

Making a storage inventory checklist
Making a storage inventory checklist is a difficult task. Spend some time to do it right.

Choosing the right unit and service

The most important matter of interest is what various logistics companies offer and to what extent they satisfy your needs and criteria. If you want to store ordinary furniture and things that don’t require special conditions, then an average storage unit will do perfectly.

However, if you are in possession of highly valuable, fragile, or vulnerable things, then you really have to be careful when you choose and organize a storage unit. Some of them will need extra shipping and storing conditions, such as a temperature-controlled environment. For instance, relocating a medical business means using cold chain services for transporting medicines, chemicals, or even organs. Similarly, electronic devices can’t be stored in places full of damp and cold, or in some space that is susceptible to the weather conditions outside.

Making a storage inventory checklist

Creating checklists are always a good idea. That way you can make sure that you haven’t missed anything significant and you can track and monitor what is being done. Go through your house or apartment and write down every item of furniture and clothing, every belonging and decorative thing. Remember that all details can help you organize a storage unit. At the same time, make notes on the value of the most expensive stuff. In case you get them stolen or damaged in the storage, you would like to know the price.

When you finish that, you will have to consider how you will store all those things. You will probably need some wooden pallets, various shelves, boxes, and bags. Opting for the most suitable inventory and storage ideas depends on how many belongings and items of furniture you are going to move there. Thus, don’t let yourself bump into unpleasant surprises. 

Making a storage inventory equipment

A significant task that has to be done before transferring the belongings to a storage unit is to get all the necessary storing movables. As mentioned before, making a storage inventory checklist will influence your decision on what kind of equipment you will need. You can always buy wooden, metal, or plastic shelves; just do some research and shop around until you are certain you’ve got the best deal. 

Pallets as a storage equipment
You will need a lot of storage equipment. Invest in it and make use of DIY advice as well.

Apart from that, you can create the equipment yourself. First, make use of all the old furniture you are going to throw away, providing that they are in the condition that is good enough to support everything. Second, build cheap cardboard cubes by taping boxes together and inserting smaller ones that can function as drawers. Third, use every bit of space in the furniture to be stored in a manner that won’t damage them. For example, it’s completely acceptable to put some clothes into the wardrobes kept in a storage unit.

Do the cleaning before you organize a storage unit

It is recommended that you clean and disinfect the storage unit you’ve rented. This is a must for those who wish to organize a storage unit by taking all preventive measures  Check the space carefully, look for any damages on the floor or walls. Don’t rent it if you can feel damp. You need to make sure there aren’t any bugs or insects in the storage unit. There are numerous sprays and chemicals you can use to make the place bug-proof. 

It is also beneficial if you wash and clean everything you are going to put into a warehouse. Don’t forget to empty your fridge, since rotten food can make serious problems with smell and your belongings can end up with a horrible odor. 

A storage unit
It is very important to choose the right storage unit that will fit all your needs.

How to organize a storage unit?

You can’t just throw everything onto a pile in the storage. That way you wouldn’t be able to place many things and it would be impossible to find anything later. For that reason, we suggest that you should start making plans for what goes where while you are initially making a storage inventory. Doing so can make the process of placing the belongings far easier. Here are some tips and tricks:

  • put the least necessary items in the back corner
  • place the items of the highest priority towards the front
  • move large and heavy items of furniture on the bottom and towards the back
  • put lightweight items on the heavy ones
  • disassemble everything you can and store vertically
  • install hanging shelves if necessary
  • protect the fragile stuff adequately
  • keep track of where you place the things 
  • check if your storage company offers any additional free services related to storing
  • be creative and try all effective inventory and storage ideas that come to your mind


While you are placing your furniture, clothes, appliances, and other belongings, you should definitely label them. You can use markers, sticky notes, tags, etc. Every kind of labeling will prove to be a smart and useful step. Some people prefer drawing maps of the stored things. As you can see, writing down and labeling is truly essential during the whole process of making a storage inventory and preparing the storage for moving your stuff. Once again, we shall remind you that a good plan can only be beneficial.

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