Migration changes in 2021 that we can see

Migration laws have always been subject to many changes. Before 2020, the majority of developed countries would have designed an annual Migration Program to achieve economic and social results to fit their needs. But then, COVID-19 enters the scene, and everything changes. Its effects on travel and immigration are profound and obvious everywhere. Our expert moving companies in Saudia Arabia will share a few points on migration changes in 2021, that we can see so far. Read to find what those are.

What migration changes in 2021 we can see?

The moving industry had to adapt to many changes in the past couple of years. Although air cargo from USA to Saudi Arabia is in demand, the picture in terms of migration is different. Certain measures in order to combat the pandemic have indeed hindered international migration. It’s a challenge to hop across borders, whether it’s for a vacation or long-term immigration. As the world bets its hopes on the vaccine, it seems that this reality will persevere for a while. Migration laws change more dynamically than ever. This creates a sense of uncertainty when it comes to moving abroad. However, patience is a virtue, as they say. Immigration is an important factor for the economic and social development of any country, and most certainly it can’t be put to a halt indefinitely. With that being said, let’s see what are the most prominent migration changes in 2021:

  • USA
  • UK
  • EU
  • Asia Pacific
A man sitting at an airport terminal
Migration changes in 2021 are evident everywhere and aim to curb the spread of the pandemic

Migration changes in 2021 that we can see in the USA

Since the start of the pandemic, there are more than 48 policy changes that impact the US immigration system. While logistics services for business purposes are well in demand, residential moving has been on the decline. The US administration has changed the H-1B visa selection process. In short, the previous lottery system is now exchanged with prioritizing the salary and skills of the potential migrant. There’s also a significant decline in the number of visas issued in the US.

Change of policies in the UK

Besides the pandemic, Brexit is also a factor for big migration changes in 2021 within the UK. These aim to reduce migration and gives priority to candidates with the highest skills. Also, there will no longer be general low-skill or temporary job opportunities for migrants to the UK. However, relocation services are an option for those who possess the right skillset in demand. The policy stresses moving away from dependence on a foreign low-skilled workforce.

The EU and migration laws in 2021

The Union is trying to curb migration for an extended period of time. Anyway, the lack of healthcare workers calls for the need to encourage the migration of a skilled workforce, as some migration data reports claim.

Passport control sign - migration changes in 2021
Health workers and highly skilled professionals are in demand, despite limited migration options

Strengthened migration policies throughout the Asia Pacific region

Many strong Asian economies that are desired immigration destinations also introduce migration changes in 2021. For instance, Singapore shifts the focus to the quality of education when it comes to foreign workforce selection. Likewise, China gives priority to those with higher education, that can contribute to the booming economy.

To sum up, there are many migration changes in 2021. However, it’s evident that jurisdictions anywhere aim to discourage moving at this time. This is understandable, as the efforts are in fact an attempt to stop or at least somewhat control the spread of the pandemic. Migration is still possible, but the rules are strict. If you’re planning to move abroad at this time, make sure you prepare well. We hope this text helps you, and the info benefits you. Good luck and stay safe.

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