Moving Box Guide – What’s Used For What

Planning a move and don’t know what moving boxes you should use? Many people have no idea what size or type of box to use for their move. In this moving box guide, we will discuss the different types of boxes and which items are best suited for each one. We’ll also provide some tips on packing your boxes so that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Moving box guide

First, you need to know what types of moving boxes are available. Packaging companies in Saudi Arabia offer different types of boxes for you. Follow this guide to make sure you know what boxes you can find for your belongings.

girl sitting between moving boxes
Standard moving boxes are typically made of cardboard

Types of boxes

There are several different types of boxes that are commonly used for moving. Some boxes are great for your clothes, some for your china. Here are a few types of boxes you can use when packing your thing for moving.

  • Standard moving boxes

The first type of moving box is the standard moving box. These boxes are typically made of cardboard and are used for general household items. Standard moving boxes come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the right size for your items. There are:

  • Small moving boxes: these are best for moving heavy items like books, dishes, and canned goods.
  • Medium moving boxes: these work perfectly for lightweight items such as linens, small appliances, and toys.
  • Large moving boxes: perfect for moving pillows, blankets, and other large items.
  • Extra-large moving boxes: great for large bulky items such as lamps and end tables.
Moving Box Guide – What’s Used For What
Different boxes are suitable for packing different things

Standard boxes will be the main type you use for packing your stuff for moving. However, you can’t pack some things in those without getting them damaged. For such things, you should use special boxes. Besides the standard boxes, many moving companies in Saudi Arabia offer a range of special boxes, such as:

  • Wardrobe boxes

The next type of moving box is the wardrobe box. Wardrobe boxes are larger than standard moving boxes and are used for moving clothes and other hanging items. Wardrobe boxes have a bar on the inside that you can use to hang your clothes.

  • Dish packs

Dish pack boxes are made of sturdy cartons and have dividers inside that are perfect for packing kitchen utensils, plates, glasses, etc.

  • Mirror and picture boxes

Special thin, but sturdy boxes that will protect fragile items such as mirrors and pictures.

  • Custom crates

Standard cardboard boxes might not be enough to protect  your most valuable and fragile items such as chandeliers, art pieces, collections, and similar things so consider ordering special custom crates.

Moving Boxes Tips

With so many choices it can be hard to decide what to use. Here are a few tips for making packing your belongings easier and safer. You don’t want to make the moving harder than it is or to brake a precious memory because it wasn’t packed well.  Some universal advice and tips will help:

– Get good quality moving boxes so they don’t collapse while you’re carrying them.

– Make sure to label your moving boxes with the contents inside and the room it goes in at your new place.

– Use packing paper or bubble wrap to protect your fragile items from breaking during moving.

person packing tableware in parchment paper
Use packing paper or bubble wrap to protect your fragile items from breaking during moving

If you need to keep your boxes in storage or warehouse it is important to choose adequate boxes for your things. Besides that, it is important to find the best warehouse Saudi Arabia has to offer.

Now that you know the different types of moving boxes, and have a moving box guide it will be easy for you to choose the best options for yourself. Moving is always stressful. However, making the right choice of boxes when you are moving to Jeddah can help you reduce the stress of packaging. That way you can take your time and research more about your new country, culture, or language.

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