Moving contract – reasons to have one

Moving, in essence, requires trust. Trust in the professionalism of the workers. Trust in their handling of your valuable possessions and trust in their timing. It also requires trust in the agreed-upon price… However, sometimes, it turns out that miscommunication can lead to serious misunderstandings. And, when misunderstandings happen in a process which requires so much trust, it can lead to rather harsh consequences. That is why a moving contract is absolutely a necessity of the move. There is no, or at least there should not be, any kind of moving operation without it.

There are a plethora of reasons why is that, but we will start with the most apparent foundation on what makes a good contract before moving forward.

The moving contract must be with an honest company

To have an honest deal, you need to have a trustworthy company. While this is common sense, there are often ways in which shady companies will try to present themselves as far more professional than they really are. They will most frequently, unlike licensed relocation services Saudi Arabia, try to persuade you that everything can be handled off-contract. Do not fall for this. Never, under no circumstances, should you proceed with the move with a company that refused to sign a written contract with you. That is a major red flag.

The moving contract must be with an honest company
An honest deal is only possible with a reliable, respectable company

When we say an honest company, we really mean that they are licensed, well-reviewed, and responsive. So before you reach out to a moving company, go online. First and foremost, go to their website. Is it a well functioning site with all the necessary information provided clearly and transparently? Is their contact active and responsive to your questions? Afterward, go to the sites like Yelp or any other reviewing website, some of which will specialize in moving services. Do they have positive reviews? If not, why?

After checking all of this and finding satisfactory results, you should proceed with the contract.


There is a lot to know before you sign a moving contract in your attempt to be moving to Jeddah. Never be afraid to ask questions. The devil is in the details. Most important questions are generally ones that will relate to just how much disturbance in your life will this move present. Those are questions of how long will it take. How many things can they move at once? Will they pack/unpack. Estimated costs. Any additional services and fees etc.

However, you are only limited by your imagination and your needs. Maybe you need to inquire about something specific to your situation. Perhaps you live in a not-so-easily accessible apartment, and you need to warn them. Or you are on a very tight schedule and need to make sure that everything goes to plan.

Just be sure to be open about everything. No one likes surprises. Needing everything done three hours earlier than expected is just as much of a nasty surprise as are additional fees are to you.

Moving the contract is there to set everything in stone. Ask about every detail, and then have the signatures on, so you know that everything will go just as planned!

Know the terminology…

Be it that you require SA movers or storage Saudi Arabia, there are some particular terms in use in the world of relocation and transportation. To better understand what the moving contract is referring to, we thought that it would be good to lay them out for you.

Know the terminology...
Knowing the rules of the game will make you better at playing it your way

The most common terms are:

  • 110 rule – whatever is unexpectedly influencing the price of the move, the resulting cost will not be over 110% of the estimated price.
  • Bill of lading – you will most surely need these. These are confirmations which you get from your movers that they have taken your possessions and are shipping them to the destination specified. Later, you will return this to them (just like a receipt)
  • Movin quotes – This goes before the moving contract. Be sure that the quotes are taken by actual inspection of the workers. No estimated prices should be given by phone or online.

These are some of the most important things to know about the move. They influence how it proceeds and what your contract refers to. And, with that in mind, we continue to what should a moving contract look like.

How should the deal look like

Be it that you are signing for the warehouse Riyadh or a regular moving contract, few things you should find on it are:

  • contact information – both personal information of you, the user, and their information, the mover’s
  • price – obviously
  • services that are to be used – if it’s not specified here, you cant expect it. And vice versa.
  • both addresses  – includes your current and your future address.

What to avoid?

There are several things to be avoided when wanting a contract is offered. First and foremost, of course, you should (we repeat) never-ever go for an oral understanding. That will only lead to trouble. Be absolutely sure to have everything you need on paper. However, even when a contract is offered, you may find that certain things are not in order.

I Agree checkbox on a piece of paper
Things to be on a look on before you sign that contract

For example, there are such things as blank contracts. Do not hire those. They are practically a blank check for your movers as they can do whatever they want. No reputable company will ever offer you such a deal, so this is a major red flag, and you should immediately seek another company.

In conclusion

Moving contracts are necessary because they are what sets the service you should expect in stone! With the move of your pen and a signature on a contract, you can guarantee yourself a night of sound sleep. And you will know that professionals will do as agreed upon.

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