Moving from Europe to KSA; get used to the new culture

When moving from Europe to KSA you should hire one of the best moving companies in Saudi Arabia.  This way you will know that your belongings are in safe hands and you can start your new life in KSA. This place is quite different than any other place in the world, so you will have to get used to the new culture. Their culture is unique, and you should respect it and blend in. So, research what you should wear and how you should behave. There is a certain way of doing things in KSA. The laws here are very different. So you should prepare. The language is quite unique, so use this opportunity to learn it.  KSA is an Islamic country, so, when it comes to food, no pork. But, never the less, they still have some of the best foods in the world.

‘Ahlaan bik/Welcome, and let’s get used to the new culture through the Arabic language

As already said, the official language in Saudi Arabia, Arabic, is quite different. Their letters are nothing like the world-known alphabet. Also, they write the other way around,  from right to left. Besides Arabic, in KSA, you can also hear people speaking other Asian languages, such as Farsi, Urdu, Turkish, etc. Of course, KSA being one of the most developed countries in the world, also use English. But, this can be an amazing opportunity for you to learn how to speak and write Arabic. After all, you want to be comfortable in your new home. There are many ways to learn a new language. From language schools, classes online, watching movies and listening to Arabic music, to maybe the best of all, meeting new people and learning through communication. So, saeid bilaqayik/nice to meet you.

A dictionary that will help you learn the language as one of the best ways to get used to the new culture
One of the best ways to feel more comfortable is to learn the language of the country you are in.

Riyadh as the capital of KSA offers wonders

Riyadh is the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and as such, it is very developed and modern. So, once you have been moved by one of the best transport companies in Riyadh, it is time for you to go out and explore. This city is mainly business-oriented and nightlife is not available, but still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a lot of fun. But, always mind your behavior and dress code, you are still in the Middle East. Keep in mind that the laws are different. Riyadh is quite large, you will have to sort out the question of moving around. Having high temperatures most of the year, Riyadh is not a city where walking around is an option. So, rent a car, buy a car or take a cab.

Once you sort transportation, proper getting around the city is in order. If you are interested in KSA history, culture, and art, you can always visit the National museum, Masmak fortress, and visit Noor Riyadh. Noor Riyadh is a new annual festival of light and art in Riyadh, where exhibits can be found all around the town. Later you can do some shopping in Souq al-Thumairi. Souq al-Thumairi is proper traditional market. Here, you can buy traditional Arabic carpets, pots, jewelry, coffee pots, famous Arabic daggers, etc. If, however, you are up for some shopping, then Kingdom Centre is the right place for you. In this magnificent, second tallest, building in KSA you will find famous brand’s shops, cinema, hotel and, probably the most amazing things of all, Kingdome Centre’s sky bridge. This sky bridge offers the most stunning view of Riyadh, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Capital of KSA Riyahd
Riyadh is a city that is a mixture of modern and traditional.

Meeting new people is the best way to get used to the new culture

As you already know, when you move from Europe to KSA, getting used to the new culture is a must. As previously said, learning their language is one way of doing it, but probably the best one is meeting new people. When you meet the people who already live here, they can help you overcome language and cultural barriers. They are familiar with all the customs, laws, dress codes, acceptable behaviors, etc. Locals can be real saviors in helping you deal with the change of culture and traditions. The only thing you have to do is be open-minded and ready to make new acquaintances. 

Dress code in Meadle East countries such as KSA

One thing that you should know about fashion in KSA is that it is definitely there. People can sometimes be confused because most of the women on the street can be seen wearing traditional Arab clothing, known as hijab. Of course, this is Arab tradition and you will not be under any pressure to dress like that, but, you will have to respect a certain dress code. For example, even though temperatures in KSA are very high, you will not be able to wear any kids of shorts, anything strapless, short skirts, etc. Basically, you can’t walk down the street half-naked like you are on your way to the beach. But, never the less, you will be able to find clothes made out of certain materials, like linen, in which you will feel very comfortable.

Friends greeting each other
Be open-minded when meeting new people in KSA, they can help you get around and become good friends of yours.

KSA has high temperatures. So, always try to carry some high-temperature necessities. Here are some of them:

  • Bottle of water, the bigger the better
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissues or some handkerchiefs or a small towel, always good for wiping your forehead or neck
  • Some hat or cap
  • Until you get used to the new culture and dress code, always carry a scarf so you can cover your arms in necessary

Let’s sum this up

As you can see, it is not that difficult to get used to the new culture. There are only a couple of things that you need to go by. If you learn the language, you will feel more comfortable. When you meet new people, they can help and guide you through this cultural transition. And, Riyadh, as the capital of KSA, has so much to offer. So, good luck/hza saeidaan.

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