Moving from Jubail to Khobar for work – what is there to know

Located in Saudi Arabia, Al-Khobar is a metropolitan city with a dynamic population in the Dammam area. A huge portion of the city’s economy is dependent on the petroleum industry. Therefore, this is one of the top reasons why would someone be moving from Jubail to Khobar for work. If you are looking to relocate, contact movers and packers Dammam to get a quote.

Why are people moving from Jubail to Khobar for work?

Due to their proximity and similarities between the two cities, Al Khobar is part of the Greater Dammam area, along with Dammam and Dhahran. Khobar has some of Saudi Arabia’s largest shopping malls and entertainment centers. Khobar has become a vibrant and diverse city thanks to its large ex-pat community living in the city and nearby. Here are our reasons why you should use relocation services Saudi Arabia and move to Khobar:

  • the economy in Al-Khobar is thriving
  • there are plenty of vacancies if you are relocating from Jubail to Khobar for work
  • the lifestyle and culture will surprise you
Water tower in Khobar
The water tower is a big tourist attraction, so if you are moving from Jubail to Khobar for work make sure to visit it

The economy in Al-Khobar

In the past few years, the city has evolved into a commercial hub, becoming an important part of the country’s economy. In addition,  the country’s national oil company and the most profitable entity in the world, Saudi Aramco is the leading employer in the region. It is mainly engaged in goods and passengers transport. In addition to being a big transit point, Khobar is also heavily involved in import and export activities. Moving companies in Saudi Arabia thrive as many are deciding to relocate here for the reasons above.

the view for people are moving from Jubail to Khobar for work
The city offers a lot of shopping malls, cafes, and activities like scuba diving

In addition, Khobar is home to many financial and banking institutions, as well as hotels. Additionally, you will find a large number of international companies that are transforming the city into one of the country’s leading business and commercial hubs. Other important economic pillars are the conversion of industrial gases, paper, and silk production, as well as garments.

Moving from Jubail to Khobar for work and lifestyle

If you decided to use the services of moving companies in Jubail and relocate, you will be happy to hear that Khobar offers a vibrant lifestyle for anyone who lives in it. Khobar offers a friendly, relaxing, and attractive environment for leisure and living. The city is located on the Persian Gulf’s coast and boasts a picturesque corniche. It has a diverse culture that you will enjoy.

Khabar is known for its many recreational parks, which are decorated with monuments, including Prince Ibn Jalawy Park. In Khobar, the most notable event was the Bollywood Festival, aimed at attracting the city’s ex-pat population. But, it doesn’t stop there. For instance, the city often organizes events and exhibits. Even if you are only moving from Jubail to Khobar for work, you will find the lifestyle exciting.


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