Moving from Riyadh to Dammam: What to Expect

It should be easy to organize moving from Riyadh to Dammam. There are countries with the same climate, culture, and lifestyle. If you move between the cities that are in the same country, you do not have trouble with adaptations. Many troubles that foreign people face, like culture shock, do not exist here. The only you need is to choose one of the most professional moving companies in Saudi Arabia. However, there are differences between those two cities that you should be aware of.

For most Western people those two cities are the same. They do not consider them as particularly difficult for living. The most important is to accept a specific lifestyle and culture. Islamic culture is very strong in this part of the world. However, you can easily adapt to it if accept the life philosophy of the nation in Saudi Arabia. After that, moving from one city to another should be easy.

A temple in Riyadh
Thanks to many similarities between those two places moving from Riyadh to Dammam is not very difficult

Prepare for moving from Riyadh to Dammam

The first step in organizing relocation is researching. You should learn about the new place as much as you can. Research the new place, inform about differences. You should talk with the people that live there. In case you cannot find a person who lives here you can ask for the answer on social networks. It would be easier if you know the specifies of both cities that are most appealing for you.

  • Culture is almost the same in both cities, so moving from Riyadh to Dammam should not be difficult as for those who are in Saudi Arabia for the first time;
  • Both places have been opened for the ex-pats for almost the decade – freight forwarders in Bahrain have a lot of jobs to bring new citizens here;
  • You should inform about the Islamic culture and adapt to it on time – firstly accept dress code;
  • Lifestyle is different in this part of the world but when moving under the same country you should not have troubles with adaptation;
  • Nature is great in both cities and you will have great times spending outside of the office and home.

Find a good company

Like in any other situation, firstly you need to find a good company to transport you. It is for sure that you will need to use a lot of their services, so choose smartly. You will need a professional as a well affordable company for these purposes. However, if you need to leave your furniture in one place for awhile you can rent storage in Saudi Arabia.

Hot climate

Expats who come to Saudi Arabia to live firstly must adapt to the hot climate in this country. Along with it, they must learn to live in extremely dry air, too. However, you should not have trouble adapting to this climate, since it is the same in Riyadh and Dammam. On the other hand, high temperatures and dry air are extremely hard for traveling. It is the reason why is important to take professional relocation services in Saudi Arabia.

Make a plan

No matter how short distance you will move and if you are in the same country, you need to make a plan of moving from Riyadh to Dammam. It will prevent problems in traveling, packing, and unpacking. Also, you will not have many chances to resolve problems that may happen without alternatives. An inventory list is also important for the same reason.

Desert storms

If you already live in Riyadh you know that this place has desert storms often. For most foreigners, it is hard to adapt to. Imagine how hard is to organize the packing and loading of the truck when dust falls from the sky. However, you should prepare for it and delay relocation if it is needed.

Before moving from Riyadh to Dammam learn the differences between those two places

It is not easy to organize relocation from one place to another. For most people, it includes long preparation. When those two places are about, you should start from differences. They are in the same country but have some specifies. We can say that they are different and have advantages that you should consider.

Riyadh is significantly larger than Dammam

No women in Dammam

Islamic culture and lifestyle are a little different than we used to in the Western world. However, even in Saudi Arabia people can see differences in this part. As people who live in both cities claim, it is visibly fewer women in Dammam than in Riyadh. Even if you see women on the street, they wear hijab and must walk only with a man.

Prayer time

You surely know that Muslims pray five times a day. However, Dammam has whole parts of the city when stores are closed during that time. For most people, it is hard to adapt to it. So, check Dammam prayer times and you will easily prepare for it.

Advances of both cities you should learn before moving from Riyadh to Dammam

Although there are a lot of great advances in both cities, not each of them is attractive for all people. We know that there are great reasons to move to any of those two cities. The only person that chooses is you. So, if you have any doubts, you should compare them, but choose the place that is your favorite.

Riyadh has a better education

As many ex-pats claim, Riyadh has better education, especially if you are from a foreign country. The reason is more ex-pats that come here with families and new international schools. However, Dammam has great schools and colleges, so you can see choose what is most applying for you.

A college in Riyadh
Riyadh has move colleges and better education

Smaller than Riyadh

Although at first glance both cities are the same, Dammam is visibly different from Riyadh. If we look at the surface, it is almost twice as small as Riyadh. It affects the number of citizens and economical status in Saudi Arabia. However, many people do not take that fact in mind when moving from Riyadh to Dammam. A smaller city means cleaner, calmer, and relaxed for citizens. Maybe it is your right measure for a satisfying life.

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