Moving Non-Allowable Items – What Not to Pack

When you decide to move, you must pack most of your belongings. Not all of them since some are non-allowable items. Whether you are renting a moving truck, using a storage service, or any other service, some things are still prohibited, since they can cause more damage than you can imagine. If you are unsure what is allowed to pack and what not, Four Winds Saudi Arabia gives you a guide on moving non-allowable items and what to do with them!

Moving non-allowable items- what to not pack

There is a list of items you cannot pack and transport, especially if you are moving long distances. These items are dangerous and most commonly react with heat, pressure, sunlight, etc. If that reaction happens, they can explode and cause damage. Other items are toxic, sharp, easily spoiled, etc. That is why moving companies in Bahrain advise you to get rid of:

  1. Different types of chemicals
  2. Some beauty products
  3. Any easily-spoiled food
Cleaning supplies- non-allowable items
Moving non-allowable items is not allowed. Therefore, you will have to throw it away.

Different types of chemicals

One of the most common mistakes is packing and moving cleaning supplies. They will be very convenient for cleaning after unpacking. However, they are extremely dangerous. Most liquids are in cans and cans react to the sun and extreme heat. If that happens, they explode, which can lead to injuries and possible death. If you do not close them correctly, they can spill and cause burns. That is why customs clearing agents in Bahrain suggest not to relocate chemicals such as bleach, pool cleaning ones, antifreeze, motor oil, alcohol, etc. However, simple liquid soap, dish soap, shampoos, and other liquids are safe. Just make sure to close them tightly before packing them. You should also throw away pesticides and other chemicals for killing rodents, insects, etc.

Some beauty products- moving non-allowable belongings

Most beauty products are safe for transportation. However, there are some you might want to throw out before accidentally moving non-allowable items. You should throw away deodorants in cans, hairspray, nail polishes, nail polish removers, etc. These products are dangerous cause they react with sunlight and heat. Canned products are the most dangerous for relocation to Saudi Arabia since they can explode easily. If you have any of these items, it’s best to throw them away or gift them to someone if they are brand new.

Roasted chicken
It’s not the best idea to bring easily-spoiled food with you.

Any easily-spoiled food

It’s vital to bring some snacks during a long-distance relocation. However, dry snacks such as cookies, crackers, and baked goods are great choices. Foods such as fruit, vegetable, milk, meat, and chocolates can either spoil, go bad, or start melting. If you are worried that you will be hungry, you can always stop at some restaurant or order a drive-thru. That way you can prevent bad smells and potential food poisoning. Therefore, easily-spoiled food is the last on the moving non-allowable items list! Good luck, and we wish you a nice move!

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