Moving overseas during summertime: advantages and disadvantages

Just like with everything in life, moving overseas during summertime has some great sides to it but it also has some not so great sides. The Saudi customs clearance process is simple and you hire a company to do it for you. Unlike that, you have a million other things to think about and take into consideration because they vary depending on stuff like the weather and similar. Because there are a few liabilities regarding your summer move, we will be reviewing the advantages and disadvantages so that you know what to expect.

Is moving overseas during summertime overall a good idea?

If this is the question, then the answer is yes. Moving during summer, overseas, or locally is overall a good idea and most people choose this option rather than any other. If you are, for example, interested in the shipping car from USA to Saudi Arabia, then you can expect it to be higher than it would during any other seasons. This is because a lot of people choose summer for this action and, logically, the prices will go a little up. Then again, there is a reason why everyone likes to move during summertime. You can easily come to the conclusion that it is a great choice. Still, our job is to inform you about the positive and the negative sides and we will do just that.

Box-moving overseas during summertime
Everything is better during the summer, moving overseas during summertime is also overall great.

The advantages and the positive side of moving overseas during summertime


Yes, logically, the weather. The fact that it is mostly hot eliminates some common complications that are caused by weather. For example, rain, snow, strong winds, and similar. All of those have an impact on the moving industry in some way and if they are not present, things go smoothly. Look at it like this, walking through the park is easier and faster when it is sunny than when it is snowing. The same applies to freight forwarding and some other logistic services, for example.

The children are out of school

One of the best pros regarding moving during summertime is the fact that your children are not in school. This means that you and your children will be free from any obligations regarding school. You can leave them with your parents or have them with you at all times. Whatever you decide, you will not have any distractions and you will not have to take them to school every day. This saves you a lot of time that you generally need for the move.

Your children will be out of school which is a great thing. You can leave them with their grandparents and not worry at all.

You can take days off of work

Another great option people have during summer is to take days off of work. You usually cannot take time off during the other seasons because work is blooming. This also gives you the time you absolutely need. Relocations can sometimes be unpredictable because unexpected situations and problems tend to happen. It is because of this that having some extra time available is very appreciated. Besides, having more time allows you to be in constant contact with your movers which also helps with the organization and the move itself.

The disadvantages and negative side of moving overseas during summertime

Again, weather

Unfortunately, the weather thing goes both ways. It is both positive and negative. Yes, it is better weather and your move will be faster, but do not forget that hotter weather means possible health problems. You must have water with you at all times, along with a protein bar or a sugar bar of any sort. Moving requires a lot of physical work and people often do not feel ill before they collapse, there is little warning. Children can especially be sensitive to such hot weather because they are very active. You must protect your kids from the heat so they do not faint due to exhaustion.

The weather during summer is both a positive and a negative thing. You have to watch your health and the health of your children especially.


We have mentioned that the majority moves during the summertime because of the formerly explained reasons. Again, unfortunately, this also means that, since the movers have much more work, the prices are going to go up. So, you can look at it the following way. For all the mitigating circumstances that you get for moving during the summertime, you will pay a little more that you would if there was a possibility of a snowstorm. And if you do look at it that way, and considering that the movers are working very hard, it is not such a bad price after all.

There are too many people who are moving

The fact that a lot of people are moving during this period of the year does not only affect the prices. Besides the cash you pay, it also affects the organization. Watch out because:

  1. A lot of people who are moving also means a lot of dates that are reserved in advance.
  2. This means that you will have to contact your movers on time and set a date for your move.
  3. If you do not organize on time, the chances are you will not be able to get a date because you called too late, and that is one of the downsides of moving overseas during the summertime.

You are now aware of what moving overseas during summertime is like

We have listed all the advantages and disadvantages of moving overseas during the summertime that we could think of, and it seems that we have pretty much told you everything. Problems can always happen, still, they are not universal problems but ones unique for your situation. We honestly hope that this was helpful and useful because we want you to have the best experience. If you are deciding whether to move during the summer or not, you now have an idea of what would that look like. Decide on your own because only you know will this kind of move suit you. We wish you good luck!

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