What to pay attention to when moving plants across borders

Moving plants across borders is sometimes not worth all the effort involved. Even though you have plants that you love, maybe it is better to leave them to the new house owner. And the reasons for this are numerous:

  • The legislation is different in each country, so you might have to face serious law limitations if you want to take your plants with you. Professional international movers Jeddah should know the essential facts;
  • Whatever the law is, moving plants across borders is always costly. Most of the time, you will need to protect them carefully;
  • There is also the matter of preparing your plants for the new climate if you are traveling to another continent;
  • Most plants are fragile when it comes to relocation, especially if you are traveling by plane and are planning to leave them in a box;
  • Plants sometimes cannot adapt to the new circumstances after moving – not to mention that you are unable to know that until it’s too late.

Taking all this into consideration, you should make a decision that best suits you. Of course, moving plants across international borders is possible, and in some circumstances, you can organize it easily. There are a few steps that you should make before that.

A large house plant
Large plants are tough to move

Ask yourself if moving plants across borders is the only option

Although it is not always hard to move your plants across the border, you should think twice about it. You have family, friends, and neighbors that can take your plant. As a matter of fact, it could be a great gift to them. They will have a memory on you, and you will have reason to contact (or visit) them more often. In some cases, you can take only a piece of the plant, or take seeds with you.

Check the legislation before moving plants across borders

Many countries have laws that control the import of plants. Some countries even forbid the import of any plant, while others have a list of plants that are prohibited. Most of them are plants that are dangerous, hazardous or represent a drug or illegal medicine. Relocation to Saudi Arabia could be hard if you want to take your plant with you. They do not allow any plant with you when entering the country. In case that you have rare specimens, that could survive the climate, you can take it with you but with proper documentation.

Consider taking a piece of the plant

Every plant grows from the seeds and peace. It means that you do not need to take the whole plant with you. You can take a piece of it and grow a new plant in a new country. However, Saudi Arabia customs clearance has precisely defined rule about seeds and plants. It is not bad to check it before moving. In some cases, you will not be allowed to have any of them with you. Some of them represent a danger to public health, even though you think it is just a house plant.

Preparation for moving plants across borders

There is actually a special procedure for moving plants across borders. In some cases, you will need special permission. However, you should prepare a special package and protection for soil or leaves. Make sure that you have considered traveling conditions before packing the plant, too.

A plant on the window
Do not water plant before moving

Hire only experienced movers

There are numerous of packing companies in Saudi Arabia that have experience with moving. You should ask them for help when moving plants across borders. Not only that they will protect the plant, but they will know how to help you in the organization and collecting of the necessary documents.

You will be able to take with you only house plants

Although there are numerous house plants, the countries have their lists of the plants that they do not forbid. It is good to check what countries presume as house plants and follow their rules. However, there are house plants that have dangerous parts (like seeds or pollen), so you cannot take with you in any circumstances.

Pack the plant with the dry soil

It is vital to have soil dry during moving. It will make your moving and packing easier. However, when soil is wet, your plant will continue with photosynthesis in non-appropriate conditions.

Protect both soil and plant

You will surely protect the leaves of your precious plant, but do not forget that soil is also essential. It could damage, scatter, or make dirt. There are special packages in stores for the soil, so use them when moving the plant.

Moving plants across borders

The day of the move is here. You have everything in the boxes, but still, there is your precious plant. That is the last moment when you can decide to leave it at home. If not, maybe it is the best to take it with you, literally in a lap during moving. If it is not possible, consider our advice on how to protect your plant properly.

Put the plant so you can watch it

If you are moving with the truck, the best way to move it is to put in the lap. It sounds too hard, but it will protect the plant the best. However, if that is not possible, make sure that somebody knows for your plant and watch it from time to time.

A plant on the window
It is easier to move small plants

Wrap the plant in the paper

When wrapping the plant, make sure that leaves and top of the plant are free. They need air to breathe. Also, fixate the box and pot when moving.

Sterilize the soil

Soil contains bacteria and small organisms that are accepted in your country. In another country could make serious problems. You can also bring seeds of the plants that are not allowed in other countries. For those reasons, you should sterilize the soil before moving plants across borders. Do not forget that there are house plants that are dangerous for children and pets. Their seeds could make serious troubles in a new country.

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